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by Karl Bode

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Business Models

by Karl Bode

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by Timothy Geigner

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positech games


by Glyn Moody

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10:30 Daily Deal: Twist Plus World Charging Station (1)
09:30 UK Politician Theresa May Tries To Out-Orwell Orwell With Insanely Authoritarian Speech (53)
08:08 How Chris Christie Used A Manufactured Terrorist Plot To Boost His Political Career (39)
06:07 Canada Saves Public From Public Domain, Extends Copyright On Sound Recordings Another 20 Years (63)
04:08 French Government Not Happy With Recent NSA Revelations; Vows To Do More Spying On Its Own Citizens (18)
01:07 Apology Legislation In Hong Kong? What Kind Of A Stupid Law Is That? (12)


21:09 EU Court Lawyer Advises Against Granting Trademark For Kit Kat Shape (14)
17:00 DailyDirt: Who Needs Dinosaurs Anyway? (4)
15:59 A Gronking To Remember Lawsuit Gets Strange While Amazon Argues Liability Would Chill Speech And Art (23)
14:34 The Free Market Case For Patent Reform (49)
13:36 Charter Hires Leading Net Neutrality Advocate To Write Its Net Neutrality Commitments, Promises To Go Further Than FCC Rules (10)
12:36 Sell Features, Not Songs (32)
11:38 South Carolina Massacre Results In Apple Going Flag-Stupid In The App Store (117)
10:41 European Taxi Drivers Lose Their Collective Mind Over Uber (53)
10:32 Daily Deal: BaseRails Ruby on Rails Training: 2 Year Subscription (0)
09:29 Russia's Internet Propaganda Farm Is Being Dragged To Court For Labor Violations (43)
08:07 Researcher Headed To Australian Supreme Court In Attempt To Hold Google Responsible For Posts At Ripoff Reports [Updated] (27)
06:04 Took Longer Than I Expected: Bill O'Reilly Yanks Video Games Into Charleston Massacre For No Reason At All (118)
04:01 UK Government Instituted Automatic Email Deletion Program Right Before Its Freedom Of Information Law Came Into Effect (9)
00:59 And, Of Course, UK Law Enforcement ALSO Using Cell Tower Spoofers, Refusing To Talk About Them (19)


21:01 Arkham Knight PC Game Arrives Just In Time To Demonstrate Why Steam Needed Refunds (58)
17:00 DailyDirt: Better Bikes (3)
15:45 Sprint Plans To Kill The One Thing That People Liked About It: Unlimited Data (27)
14:44 Court Orders Halt To New York Law Demanding Online Access To Pawn Shop Acquisition Records (3)
13:35 No, We Still Can't Definitively Prove Your ISP Is Slowing Netflix Traffic To Make An Extra Buck (8)
12:38 GCHQ Asked Court To Let It Infringe On Anti-Virus Copyrights... For National Security (36)
11:34 The Ridiculous Redactions The DOJ Required To Try To Hide The Details Of Its Google Gag Order (42)
10:29 Google Was Gagged For Four Years From Talking About Fighting The Wikileaks Investigation (86)
10:25 Daily Deal: IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup: Lifetime Subscription (3)
09:32 Legal Giant Dentons Demonstrates Exactly How Not To Respond To Critical Media Coverage (26)
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