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daily deal

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Karl Bode

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factory reset, ransomware, smart tv



by Tim Cushing

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copyright, copyright trolling, piracy


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14:44 Tesla Gave Up Its Patents, But People Are Freaked Out That Faraday Future Put Its Own Into A Separate Company (28)
13:07 Our Unfortunate Annual Tradition: A Look At What Should Have Entered The Public Domain, But Didn't (34)
11:45 Malcolm Gladwell's Ridiculous Attack On Ed Snowden Based On Weird Prejudice About How A Whistleblower Should Look (51)
10:45 Washington Post Falsely Claims Russia Hacked Vermont Utility, Because OMG RUSSIANS! (46)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete Computer Science Bundle (0)
09:37 Congressman Goodlatte Decides To Refill The Swamp By Gutting Congressional Ethics Office... But Drops It After Bad Publicity (37)
08:29 Whether Or Not You Believe Russia Interfered In The Election, We Should All Be Worried About Escalation Based On Secret Info (29)
06:26 Trump Still Falsely Taking Credit For Sprint Jobs He Had Nothing To Do With (189)
03:25 Now Italy Wants To Make 'Fake News' Illegal (54)


09:00 Techdirt 2016: The Stats. (17)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of 2016 At Techdirt (15)


12:00 New Year's Message: No One Said It Would Be Easy... (36)


19:39 FBI Says It Has 487 Pages Of James Comey Talking Points, Refuses To Release Any Of Them (23)
15:20 Malware Purveyor Serving Up Ransomware Via Bogus ICANN Blacklist Removal Emails (23)
13:14 Dutch Regulators Demand T-Mobile Stop Zero Rating, Remind Users That Free Data Isn't Really Free (7)
11:15 Prenda's Paul Hansmeier Now Under FBI Investigation For His ADA Lawsuits (22)
11:10 Daily Deal: Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle (1)
09:13 EU's Departing Internet Commissioner Leaves Behind Copyright Plan That Will Outlaw Basic Internet Functions (14)
07:16 Victims Of Car Crash Sue Apple For Not Preventing Distracted Driver From Hitting Their Vehicle (47)
04:13 White House Kicks Russian Diplomats Out Of The Country, Releases Preliminary Report On Russian Hacking With More To Come (89)


18:12 YouTuber Jailed In Singapore For Criticizing The Government Seeks Asylum In The US (36)
15:06 Oversight Board Spares NYPD's Feelings By Softening Language In Taser Complaint Report (14)
13:09 UK Councils Used Massive Surveillance Powers To Spy On... Excessively Barking Dogs & Illegal Pigeon Feeding (20)
11:02 Trump's Pick For Attorney General A Big Fan Of Civil Asset Forfeiture (34)
10:50 Daily Deal: Wireless Charging Pad for Qi-Enabled Devices (0)
09:04 Ridiculous Congressional Proposal Would Fine Reps Who Live Stream From The Floor (33)
07:02 FOIA Requesters Sue Government Agencies Over Non-Responses To Requests For Election-Related Documents (4)
03:59 Obama Administration Looking To Expand Definition Of 'Critical Infrastructure' To Hit Back At Russians (50)


17:39 South Carolina Legislators Introduce Three Bills Targeting Police Stingray Use (18)
14:48 Microsoft Finally Admits Its Malware-Style Windows 10 Upgrade Sales Pitch Went Too Far (111)
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