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14:32 UK Copyright Group Plans Heavy Anti-Piracy Measures For Bond Film Because Of How Successful It Will Be (79)
13:16 Techdirt Reading List: The Worldly Philosophers (4)
12:19 Snowden Treaty Launched: Effort To Get Countries To End Mass Surveillance (19)
11:08 The Wall Street Journal Doubles Down On Dumb: Falsely Claims Net Neutrality ('Obamanet') Has Crushed Broadband Investment (28)
10:01 Ridiculously Thin Skinned Donald Trump Threatening Critics With Totally Bogus Trademark Infringement Lawsuit (52)
09:56 Daily Deal: KeySmart 2.0 Titanium Key Organizer (4)
08:42 DOJ Insists That There Is No Proof Verizon Wireless Shared Phone Data With NSA (12)
07:40 Florida Moving Company Attempting To Sue Its Way Back To Yelp Respectability (20)
05:34 Appeals Court Says The Batmobile Is A 'Character' Covered By Copyright (70)
03:32 German Competition Authority Decides To Take No Action Over Google's Removal Of Snippets From Google News (35)


23:15 The Trend Of Killing News Comment Sections Because You 'Just Really Value Conversation' Stupidly Continues (73)
17:00 DailyDirt: Breaking Bad... With Yeast? (7)
15:28 Following Congressional Criticism, FBI Leaks Status Update On Recovery Of Clinton Emails To The Press (38)
14:02 Senate Intelligence Committee Forced To Drop 'Terrorist-Activity' Reporting Requirements For Social Media Platforms (14)
12:43 FBI Ignores Court Order, Congressional Oversight; Refuses To Respond To Questions About Clinton Emails (28)
11:44 How NSA Surveillance May Result In Fragmenting The Internet: EU Court Leaning Towards Ending 'Privacy Safe Harbor' (23)
10:41 More Creative Hollywood Accounting Revealed In Goodfellas Lawsuit (56)
10:36 Daily Deal: TrackR Bravo & Accessory Bundle (1)
09:34 Jeb Bush Proudly Promises To Axe Net Neutrality If Elected (50)
08:29 Donald Trump Threatens Ridiculous Defamation Lawsuit Over Attack Ad (45)
06:36 Judge Says Warner Chappell Doesn't Hold The Copyright On Happy Birthday (But Not That It's Public Domain) (53)
03:32 Turing Pharma Caves; Says Drug Price Will Move In Generally Downward Motion At Some Point In The Future (40)


23:25 Thailand Might Be Required To Sacrifice Plant And Seed Sovereignty For The Sake Of Trade Agreement With EU (26)
17:00 DailyDirt: Making Progress Towards Fusion (Again) (14)
15:23 Court Order Takes Another Stab At Stripping Away Ripoff Report's Section 230 Protections (25)
13:54 Turing Pharma Boss Martin Shkreli Defends Massive Price Increase As A Good Thing For Patients (84)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 43: Why Do We Let An 86 Year Old Librarian Decide Who's Allowed To Innovate? (17)
11:48 Monkey Business: PETA Sues On Behalf Of The Monkey Selfie; Claims Copyright Belongs To The Monkey (79)
10:49 Apple Bans Non-Graphic, VR Representation Of Ferguson Shooting For No Coherent Reason (27)
10:44 Daily Deal: Amazon Web Services Bundle (0)
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