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by Leigh Beadon

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17:00 DailyDirt: Leaving A Good Tip... (104)
15:33 Supreme Court Examines The Sixth Amendment Ramifications Of Pre-Conviction Asset Seizures (71)
14:08 Border Patrol Looking To Become One Of The First Federal Agencies To Utilize Body Cameras (6)
12:48 Supreme Court Turns Down Opportunity To Straighten Out Cell Site Location Information Mess (7)
11:44 We Have The 'Criminal Charges' Patrick Zarrelli Claims He Filed Against Our Writer, And They're Not What He Thinks (39)
10:42 Social Media 'Terrorist' Taken Down By FBI After Reblogging A Pro-ISIS GIF (38)
10:37 Daily Deal: Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle (1)
09:29 FilmOn Loses A Second Case, Meaning That Supreme Court May Get A Second Shot At Aereo Decision (30)
08:30 Government Ducking Even More FOIA Requests By Refusing To Ask For Official Legal Guidance (12)
06:15 Thou Shall Not Browse: Comcast Refuses Service Call To Chicago Church Out Of Fear (40)
03:12 DEA Boss Joins FBI In Declaring 'Ferguson Effect' To Be A Real Thing; Offers Up 'Stuff I Heard' As Evidence (53)


23:12 Permission Culture Infects Texas: Rodeos Or A Mexican Restaurant, Who Can Tell Them Apart? (21)
17:00 DailyDirt: Speedy Deliveries Coming Via Robots (12)
15:23 Instead Of Fashionably Killing The News Comment Section, Medium Quietly Tries Giving A Damn Instead (19)
14:07 Rockstar Whips Out The Ban-Hammer On GTAV Players Over Mod (26)
12:53 Techdirt Reading List: Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars From Gutenberg To Gates (8)
11:51 Head Of House Judiciary Committee Dines With MPAA, Joins Their Fundraiser, Following LA Copyright Hearing (23)
10:45 DEA Running Massive Wiretap Program Almost Entirely Through A Single California County Courthouse (34)
10:40 Daily Deal: Refurbished Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker (0)
09:31 Yet Again, Blizzard Looks To Twist Copyright Law To Use It To Go After Bot Makers It Considers Cheaters (23)
08:34 Tor Project Claims FBI Paid Carnegie Mellon $1 Million To Deanonymize Tor Users (23)
06:33 Time Warner Promises To Adapt To Cord Cutting With Fewer TV Ads, Gets Punished By Wall Street For It (40)
03:28 Ontario Passes Law Targeting Bogus Defamation Lawsuits (2)
00:24 Judge Recused In University Of Kentucky V. Kentucky Mist Moonshine Case Because He's A Kentucky Grad (12)


17:00 DailyDirt: Fixing A Hole Where The Rain Gets In... (37)
15:22 Appeals Court Says NSA Can Keep Trampling 4th Amendment With Phone Surveillance Program For Now (16)
14:01 NY Attorney General Shuts Down Daily Fantasy Sports Sites, Because Grandstanding (51)
12:46 FBI's Top Lawyer Says Locking Law Enforcement Out Of Cellphones Is The Public's Choice To Make (15)
11:44 Hacked Data Obtained By The Intercept Highlights Wholesale Spying On Inmate, Attorney Privileged Communications (18)
10:43 NSA Pats Self On Back For Disclosing Vulnerabilities '90% Of The Time,' Doesn't Specify How Long It Uses Them Before Doing So (13)
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