by Timothy Geigner

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appeals, games, haunted house, pto, trademark, video games



by Mike Masnick

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communication, encryption, privacy

viber, whatsapp

Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

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4th amendment, child porn, fbi, hacking, nit, warrant


by Daily Deal

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daily deal

Say That Again

by Tim Cushing

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dhs, government, open source

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06:26 Indian Government Agencies Demand Access To WhatsApp Messaging Groups (21)
03:29 Latest Version Of Anti-TPP, RCEP, Shows That Its Intellectual Property Provisions Are Even Worse (5)


23:25 Public Domain Citation Book, Baby Blue, Renamed To Indigo Book, Following Harvard Law Review Threats (11)
17:00 DailyDirt: Another Golden Era Of Spaceflight Ahead..? (10)
15:39 Law Enforcement Forced To Hand Over $41K It Seized From Businessman At Airport, Plus Another $10K In Legal Fees (34)
14:06 Not Funny: How The OFAC Is Outlawing Even The Lamest Attempts At Humor Over Terrorist Fears (52)
12:47 EFF Sues DOJ Over Its Refusal To Release FISA Court Documents Pertaining To Compelled Technical Assistance (7)
11:44 FISA Court Still Uncovering Surveillance Abuses By NSA, FBI (14)
10:38 EU Officially Goes After Google's Android On Antitrust Grounds (62)
10:33 Daily Deal: Advanced Cloud Computing with AWS (0)
09:30 USTR Finally Recognizes That The Internet Matters... And That Censorship, Site Blocking & Link Taxes Are Barriers (12)
08:29 Why Did Congress Let Law Enforcement Officials Lie About Encryption? (44)
06:29 Netflix CEO Says Annoyed VPN Users Are 'Inconsequential' (60)
03:28 UK Drug Dogs Finding Way More Sausage And Cheese Than Actual Drugs (34)


23:38 Australian Case Shows Why Corporate Sovereignty Isn't Needed In TPP -- Or In Any Trade Agreement (23)
17:00 DailyDirt: Sustainable Eating -- Yummy Or Gross? (8)
15:43 Sevens Marry Sevens: Is Online Dating Making Mixed-Attractiveness Couples More Rare? (14)
14:07 Optometrists Push For State Laws Blocking Online Eye Exams (47)
12:44 Techdirt Podcast Episode 70: Is It Futile To Draw Borders On The Internet? (0)
11:43 BlackBerry Offers Glomar, 'Bad Guys Got Caught,' In Non-Comment On Canadian Law Enforcement's Full Access To Encrypted Messages (13)
10:36 Authors Guild Petulantly Whines About How Wrong It Is That The Public Will Benefit From Google Books (68)
10:31 Daily Deal: FIXD Active Car Health Monitor (4)
09:32 California Assembly Looks To Push Cities To Copyright & Trademark Everything They Can (53)
08:33 Ignorant Anti-Encryption Law Enforcement Groups Made A Logo And A Hashtag... And It All Backfired (57)
06:31 China Considers Cutting Itself Off From The Global Internet, As Three Home-Grown Browsers Are Found Leaking Personal Data (8)
03:27 EU-Canada Trade Deal Still Struggling, As Romania And Belgium Say They Won't/Can't Ratify Treaty (16)


23:23 City Council Using Open Records Requests To See What Members Are Saying About Them Behind Their Backs (3)
17:00 DailyDirt: Nature Recycles All The Time, So Should We... (7)
15:45 Court Shoots Down Cops Attempting To Prop Up Two Warrantless Searches With A Stack Of Lies (50)
14:07 House Passes Bill Attempting To Gut Net Neutrality, Supporters Declare The Internet Saved (44)
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