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by Mike Masnick

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eric schmidt, nsa, servers, surveillance, us



by Mike Masnick

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brazil, germany, privacy, surveillance, un, us


by Mike Masnick

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five eyes, gchq, minimization, nsa, uk, unminimize, us

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Tim Cushing

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petitions, porn filters, us


by Glyn Moody

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india, patents, pharmaceuticals, trips, us


by Mike Masnick

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ilija trojanov, no fly, nsa, nsa surveillance, us

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10:39 Daily Deal: Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (3)
09:35 A Dozen Bad Ideas That Were Raised At The Copyright Office's DMCA Roundtables (106)
08:31 Cable Company CEO Calls TV Business A 'Tragedy Of The Commons' That Ends Badly (41)
06:28 District Attorney Arguing Against Encryption Handed Out Insecure Keylogging 'Monitoring' Software To Parents (13)
03:26 Subtle: Iraq Flips The Internet Switch For 3 Hours To Combat Cheating Students And Corrupted Teachers (13)


23:23 Disappointing: Elsevier Buys Open Access Academic Pre-Publisher SSRN (18)
17:00 DailyDirt: All Alone In The Universe With Nowhere To Go... (5)
15:44 Supreme Court Says Plaintiff Must Show Actual Harm From Bogus Profile Created By Spokeo (13)
14:07 Dear Politicians: At Least Close Those Porn Tabs Before Sending Out Your Campaign Screenshots (33)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 74: Why Is Tesla So Successful? (8)
11:40 Russia Provides Glimpse Of A Future Where Powerful Facial Recognition Technology Has Abolished Public Anonymity (28)
10:38 Judge In Child Porn Case Reverses Course, Says FBI Will Not Have To Turn Over Details On Its Hacking Tool (31)
10:33 Daily Deal: Complete Product Management Bundle (0)
09:27 Add Philadelphia To The Long List Of Cities That Think Verizon Ripped Them Off On Fiber Promises (18)
08:24 French Student Group Sues Twitter (Again) For $50 Million (Again) Over Tweets It Doesn't Like (26)
06:28 Cable Lobbying Group Claims More Competition Would Hurt Consumers (38)
03:31 German Publishers Whine Because They Must Pay To Authors Misappropriated Copyright Levies (24)


23:24 Earnhardt Family Fighting Over Whether One Earnhardt Son Can Use His Own Last Name (26)
17:00 DailyDirt: The Newest Of The Old (6)
15:33 Bad News: Two-Factor Authentication Pioneer YubiKey Drops Open Source PGP For Proprietary Version (38)
14:06 Despite New FCC Rules, Linksys, Asus Say They'll Still Support Third Party Router Firmware (8)
12:46 Not Just Hillary: State Department As A Whole Pretty Careless With Handling Of Classified Communications (20)
11:41 CIA Inspector General Claims It Accidentally Deleted CIA Torture Report After Being Asked To Retain It (33)
10:39 How Java's Inherent Verboseness May Mess Up Fair Use For APIs (87)
10:33 Daily Deal: Acesori Smartphone Camera Lens Kit (2)
09:29 NYU Sues YouTube For Reposting Video After Video Poster Sent DMCA Counternotice (78)
08:32 Sci-Hub, The Repository Of 'Infringing' Academic Papers Now Available Via Telegram (19)
06:26 Comcast Now Trying To Claim That Delivering Just TV To Third-Party Set Top Boxes 'Not Feasible' (36)
03:17 Court Strikes Down Louisiana's Attempt To Regulate Online Content 'For The Children' (24)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (3)
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