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by Tim Cushing

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allies, europe, france, nsa, nsa surveillance, spain


by Tim Cushing

Filed Under:
europe, nsa, nsa surveillance, spain

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11:36 Tired Of Losing Legal Challenges To Its Surveillance, UK Government Secretly Changes Law So It Can Win (19)
10:32 Appeals Court Gets It Right The Second Time: Actress Had No Copyright Interest In 'Innocence Of Muslims' (62)
10:27 Daily Deals: Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker (0)
09:17 While Other Countries Debate Copyright Terms, Canada Just Takes Record Labels' Word That It Needs To Increase (30)
08:01 European Mobile Networks Plan To Block Ads, Not For Your Safety, But To Mess With Google (65)
05:43 South Korea's New Law Mandates Installation Of Government-Approved Spyware On Teens' Smartphones (32)
03:45 DOJ Redefines Separation Of Powers, Tells Court It Has No Power To Order Government To Hand Over Documents (62)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (19)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: May 10th - 16th (4)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: Don't Throw Those Batteries Away Just Yet (3)


19:39 Over 1000 Japanese Citizens Band Together To Sue Their Government Over Participation In TPP (22)
18:18 New York District Court Denies Immunity To NYPD Officers Who Arrested A Citizen For Filming Them (24)
17:00 DailyDirt: Robots That Ask, 'Would You Like Fries With That?' (4)
15:58 FTC Smacks Down Michigan For Trying To Ban Tesla Sales: Didn't We Already Warn You About This? (14)
14:46 Yes, Switching To HTTPS Is Important, And No It's Not A Bad Thing (50)
13:44 No, Just Because Seymour Hersh Had The Same Story As You, It's Not 'Plagiarism' (16)
12:43 IRS Drops Forfeiture Case, Returns $107,000 Taken In Bogus 'Structuring' Prosecution (17)
11:40 FBI Spied On Activists Because Protecting Corporate Interests Is Roughly Equivalent To Ensuring National Security (46)
10:37 That Time Hitler Used Copyright Law To Block Future Senator Alan Cranston From Publishing Mein Kampf (23)
10:29 Daily Deals: TRNDlabs Smartphone Photo Bundle (0)
09:37 EU Study Confirms: Hollywood's Site Blocking Campaign Is A Total Failure (33)
08:04 Patent Troll's Frivolous Attack On Startup Forces Startup To Sell Out To Another Patent Troll (14)
06:16 Mozilla: If Facebook Really Wants To Help Developing Nations, It Should Ignore Zero Rating And Fund Real Internet Access (19)
04:11 Senate Fight Is On Over NSA Surveillance Reform (25)
01:05 UK Government Review Says Use Prizes, Not Patents, To Produce Much-Needed New Antibiotics (8)


21:05 Key Fighter For Civil Liberties, Russ Feingold, Running To Return To The Senate (10)
17:00 DailyDirt: Minimizing Pointy-Haired Bosses (2)
15:55 Fast Track Bill Back On The... Fast Track After Senate Deal (24)
14:45 NYC Taxi And Limo Commission Looks To Regulate All Ride Hailing Services (12)
13:44 Water Company Goes Trademark Bully on Graffiti Activists Over Hashtag (9)
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