by Mike Masnick

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by Mike Masnick

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by Tim Cushing

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Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

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byron halsey, immunity, innocence, railroading

Legal Issues

by Timothy Geigner

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4th amendment, florida, gps, sentencing, warrants

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12:08 NY Attorney General Admits He's Targeting AirBnB To Protect The Big NY Hotels That Are Being Disrupted (30)
11:04 FCC's Wheeler Says That If These Lame Net Neutrality Rules Don't Work, He'll Implement The Real Rules Next Time (27)
10:03 White House Says It Can Withhold Vulnerabilities If It Will Help Them Catch 'Intellectual Property Thieves' (76)
09:05 Government Presents Its Arguments For Warrantless Cellphone Searches, Thinks Officer Discretion Will Prevent Abuse (50)
07:43 Chase Bank Slutshames Their Adult Performer Customers (116)
05:44 DOJ Is Still Investigating Wikileaks (32)
03:38 China's Internet Giant Loses Publication License For Publishing Pornography -- 20 Articles And Four Videos (16)
00:14 Hey, Idiots, Stop Swatting People (53)


20:07 Supreme Court Smacks Down CAFC Again: Says Courts Have More Free Rein In Awarding Attorneys Fees (9)
17:00 DailyDirt: Useful Diamonds (3)
16:00 Don't Miss The Powerful Trailer For The Aaron Swartz Documentary: The Internet's Own Boy (33)
15:02 What If You Gave A (Drug) War And Nobody Came? Deputies Answer Rhetorical Question With Planted Evidence (47)
14:03 Brazil Passed On Boeing For $4.5 Billion Fighter Jet Deal Because Of Concerns Over NSA Surveillance (52)
13:03 NBC Insists Twitter Is Useless Because Not Enough People Tweeted During The Olympics... Which NBC Made Difficult To Watch Online (37)
12:04 Feinstein And Chambliss Let James Clapper Talk Them Out Of Requiring Transparency On The Administration's Drone Strikes (27)
11:01 You Don't Have To Be Desperate To Believe That Trust Is A Good Thing (12)
10:01 CISPA Take 3: Feinstein & Chambliss Draft Another Cybersecurity Bill, Designed To Wipe Out Your Privacy (30)
09:01 Publicity Rights Being Used To Try To Stop Family Members From Talking Publicly About Other Family Members (9)
07:46 What Do You Get When You Mix Napster, Wikileaks, Snowden And Open Access? (19)
05:42 Censorious Parent Calls Cops On Teen Giving Away Books In A Local Park (167)
03:36 Meet TISA: Another Major Treaty Negotiated In Secret Alongside TPP And TTIP (27)
00:00 Open Source Seed Initiative: 'Free The Seed!' (12)


20:01 Vicious Cycle: When Those Abused By Trademark Abuse Others With Trademark (21)
17:00 DailyDirt: Seeing In The Dark (2)
16:05 Former FBI Agent: NYPD's Muslim-Spying Demographics Unit Was Almost Completely Useless (16)
15:01 Patent Litigation Cost US Business About A Trillion Dollars In A Quarter Century, Outweighing Benefits (19)
13:59 US Judge Says Prosecutors Can Use A Warrant To Go Fishing For Information Held Overseas (58)
13:01 Voltage Pictures Abuses Trademark Law To Go After Dallas Buyers Club Downloaders (25)
11:58 Netflix Exploring Peer-To-Peer Delivery Just As Spotify Gets Ready To Kill Its Peer-To-Peer Streaming (20)
10:59 Shameful: WIPO Threatens Blogger With Criminal Charges For Accurately Reporting On WIPO Director's Alleged Misconduct (45)
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