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by Tim Cushing

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by Glyn Moody

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by Tim Cushing

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07:41 Hollywood Hires New Person To Make Same Old Mistakes In Fighting Against The Future (47)
05:34 Animator Sues Disney For Allegedly Ripping Off Her Short Film For Its 'Frozen' Trailer (61)
03:30 Court Quickly Rejects Contempt Motion Against Google By Innocence Of Muslims' Actress (12)
00:07 Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets Of Taiwan To Protest Against Trade Agreement's Lack of Scrutiny (14)


20:07 Baseball Is Back! Too Bad I Still Can't Watch My Local Team On My MLB.TV Subscription... (46)
17:00 DailyDirt: Dangerous Playgrounds Are Fun! (8)
15:50 Prenda Actually Wins A Round; Order To Pay Back Settlements Tossed In Minnesota (62)
14:59 New Leaks Show NSA, GCHQ Infiltrating Private German Companies (20)
14:02 Here's Hoping The Supreme Court Does Not Blow Another Opportunity To Fix The Software Patent Problem (13)
13:06 Telemundo & Univision Copyright Claim On YouTube Takes Down US Congressional Appropriations Hearing (32)
12:05 Ex-NSA Official Breezily Reveals Details Of NSA Surveillance Capabilities In Iraq (9)
11:06 Security Researchers Find RSA Even More Completely Compromised By The NSA Than Previously Thought (25)
09:56 Russia Admits Its Strict Anti-Piracy Laws Aren't Working... So They'll Just Try Some More (17)
08:52 Details Show MIT Employees Gleefully Helped With Prosecution And Persecution Of Aaron Swartz (108)
07:39 Exasperation Shines Through As Google Angrily Responds To Contempt Motion Over Innocence Of Muslims (73)
05:33 Apple, Google, Adobe And Intel Have To Face The Music Over Collusive Hiring Practices (20)
03:33 USTR Starts To Panic Over Calls To Take Corporate Sovereignty Out Of TAFTA/TTIP (37)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (8)


12:00 A Look Back In Techdirt History (12)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: A Notebook For Your Thoughts (5)


19:39 Anne Rice Battles Mean Anonymous Amazon Trolls, Ignores Fact Many Anonymous Users Add Great Value (65)
18:39 Kansas Legislative Committee Pushes Bill That Would Make It A Felony To File False Complaints Against A Police Officer (49)
17:37 Left Hand Brewery Attempts To Trademark 'Nitro' For Its Beer Line (16)
17:00 DailyDirt: This Tastes Funny... Here Try It (2)
16:03 Pissed Consumer Slaps Back At Company That Filed A SLAPP Suit (14)
15:02 Team Prenda Slammed Again, Found In Contempt; Judge Blasts Their Attempts To Plead Poverty (47)
13:57 Kudos: Microsoft Changes Policy, Promises Not To Inspect Customers' Content (54)
12:57 Piracy Continues Killing The Movie Business To New Record Highs (90)
11:53 UK Finally 'Legalizes' CD & DVD Ripping... But You're Still Not Allowed To Circumvent DRM (50)
10:49 The TSA's Mental 'Coin Flip' That May Keep You From Traveling (22)
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