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12:49 Techdirt Reading List: The Little Book Of Plagiarism (15)
11:42 Can You Defame Someone By Directly Creatively 'Quoting' Them? New York Court Says You Can. (32)
10:38 Express Scripts Pushing $1 alternative To Turing's $750 Daraprim Pills (20)
10:33 Daily Deal: Micro Drone 2.0+ with HD-Camera (0)
09:36 After Illegally Censoring Websites For Five Years On Bogus Copyright Charges, US Gov't Quietly 'Returns' Two Domains (67)
08:31 The FCC's Issuing More Fines Than Ever, But Taking Heat For Not Collecting Them (13)
06:41 Mother Blames Daughter's Suicide On WiFi Allergy (106)
04:39 Turkish Court Establishes A Special 'Expert Panel' To Determine If Comparing Prime Minister To Gollum Is An Insult (44)
02:42 Congress Still Fighting SEC's Investigation Of Alleged Insider Trading By Its Members (39)


23:43 Six Key Flaws In The EU's Proposed 'New' Corporate Sovereignty Court (12)
17:00 DailyDirt: Lots Of Cool Carbon-Based Molecules (8)
15:49 EFF Files Legal Complaint Against Google At The FTC (35)
14:32 Florida Bar Laughs Off Nonsensical 'Bar Complaint' By Reputation Management Bro Patrick Zarrelli (22)
13:35 Canadian Supreme Court Says Tech May Advance, But It Will Never Outrun Collection Societies (8)
12:37 Pakistan Aims To Take Home 'Worst Cybercrime Legislation In The World' Trophy With Prevention Of Electronic Crimes Bill (8)
11:36 Tor Devs Say They've Learned Lessons From Carnegie Mellon Attack, But Worries Remain That They're Outgunned And Outmanned (22)
10:38 Patent Troll Sues Everyone For Infringing On Encryption-Related Patent By Encrypting Their Websites (15)
10:33 Daily Deal: Zus Car Charger And Locator (4)
09:34 The Details Of Why Judge O'Grady Rejected Cox's DMCA Defense: Bad Decisions By Cox May Lead To Bad Law (104)
08:27 Mom, My Barbie Needs A Better Firewall (25)
06:29 What Did The UK Accomplish In Revoking The Right To Rip CDs After Just One Year... Other Than Greater Disrespect For Copyright? (72)
03:23 New Documents Show UK Intelligence Agencies Hacking Computers With Little To No Oversight (8)


23:28 Boston PD Finally Confirms It Has A Stingray Device In Its Possession (14)
17:00 DailyDirt: Geoengineering Could Have Its Own Unintended Consequences (33)
15:36 Appeals Court Says Secret Drone Memos Can Stay Secret (10)
14:03 Toy Maker Vtech Hacked, Revealing Kids' Selfies, Chat Logs, & Even Voice Recordings (39)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 52: The EU Has Set Privacy & Free Speech On A Collision Course (4)
11:33 Our Response To The Latest Ridiculous Legal Threat Against Us: Milorad Trkulja Can Go Pound Sand (161)
10:36 Judge In FBI Case Was Forced To Redact His Mocking Of FBI's Ridiculous Arguments (23)
10:31 Daily Deal: Cyber Monday Continued (0)
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