by Tim Cushing

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4th amendment, cars, driving

Too Much Free Time

by Tim Cushing

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army, entertainment


by Mike Masnick

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9/11, chris christie, debate, fisa court, fisc, lies


by Daily Deal

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daily deal

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08:31 Man Leaks Sensitive Documents To 4chan; Receives Insults, Arrest For His Troubles (24)
07:12 Massachusetts Supreme Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional Law Restricting Political Speech (10)
05:14 News Corp. Makes Copyright Claim Over News Corp's Live Video Stream Of The GOP Debate (64)
03:08 Peru's New Data Retention Law Gives Police Warrantless Access To Real-Time And Historical Mobile Phone Geolocation Data (24)


23:06 NHL To Piggyback On MLB Advanced Media For An Actual Legitimate Streaming Option (6)
17:00 DailyDirt: Rideables Aren't Quite Ready To 'Change Lives, Cities And Ways Of Thinking' (12)
15:34 Cops Caught Misbehaving During Pot Dispensary Raid Sue Police Dept. To Prevent Recording From Being Used Against Them (61)
14:36 Possibly Cracked TrueCrypt Account At The Center Of Stolen Military Documents Case (24)
13:38 Why Does The TPP Repeatedly Require Stronger Copyright, But When It Comes To Public Rights... Makes It Voluntary? (30)
12:18 EFF Finally Gets To Ask Appeals Court To Look At 4th Amendment Question Over NSA's Backbone Sniffing (23)
11:02 Belgian Collection Society Wants To Extend Its 'You Must Be A Pirate' Tax To Cover All-In-One Printers (46)
10:57 Daily Deal: 1byone Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna (11)
09:55 Jared Leto's Lawyer Sends Ridiculously Bogus Cease & Desist, Calling Lots Of Attention To Statements About Him (34)
08:37 Insanity Rules: NSA Apologists Actually Think Apple Protecting You & Your Data Could Be 'Material Support' For ISIS (52)
07:16 Looks Like Facebook Is Building Its Own Content ID (28)
05:14 Universal Music's Anti-Piracy Ads Even Crazier Than You Can Imagine (89)
03:16 After The 'Maui Meltdown', TPP Has Missed A Key Deadline That Probably Means It's Doomed Whatever Is Now Agreed (29)


23:12 Hundreds Of Journalists, Researchers, Concerned Citizens Sign Letter Protesting Netzpolitik 'Treason' Investigation (18)
17:00 DailyDirt: Lethal Machines (21)
15:32 Senate Punts CISA Vote Into September (13)
14:12 US Pushing To Kill Any Future Aereo With TPP (26)
12:55 Summer Of The 4th Amendment: Appeals Court Says Mobile Phone Location Is Protected Under 4th Amendment (22)
11:42 RIAA Asks BitTorrent Inc. To Block Infringing Content With A Hash Filter (89)
10:36 What Does USTR Have Against The Public Domain? Opposing TPP Provision In Support Of Public Domain (29)
10:31 Daily Deal: TigerVPN Lite Lifetime Subscription (14)
09:15 Question To Ask Anyone Who Supports CISA: What Breach Would It Have Stopped? (13)
07:39 TPP Leaks Shows US Stands Firm That Companies Should Be Free To Abuse Patents & Copyrights (21)
05:31 Want To Know Why DHS Is Opposing CISA? Because It's All A Surveillance Turf War (3)
03:04 Australia's Legal Bill For Fighting Philip Morris Corporate Sovereignty Case: $35 million -- So Far (39)


23:06 Deputy Wants Immunity After Breaking Bones, Tearing Ligaments Of Suspect During Arrest; Appeals Court Quickly Shuts Him Down (79)
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