by Leigh Beadon

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history, look back


by Leigh Beadon

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awesome stuff, music, synthesizer


by Tim Cushing

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gchq, oversight, surveillance, uk

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10:31 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want Poker Pro Bundle (0)
09:28 Latest Absurd Moral Panic: Parents Complain Amazon Echo Is Creating Rude Children (40)
08:28 Newspaper Association Thinks FTC Should Force Readers To Be Subject To Godawful Ads And Invasive Trackers (61)
06:30 New York Times Says Fair Use Of 300 Words Will Run You About $1800 (83)
03:23 Canada Post Drops Ridiculous Copyright Lawsuit Over Crowdsourced Postal Code (7)


23:23 Homeowner Sues Police After Pursuit Of Shoplifter Leaves Him With No Home To Own (133)
17:00 DailyDirt: Wolves In Sheepdog's Clothing? (5)
15:45 Mitsubishi Outlander Just The Latest 'Smart' Car That's Trivial To Hack And Control (12)
14:09 Appeals Court Bounces Defamation Suit Against American Hustle Over Microwave Scene (9)
12:48 Techdirt Reading List: The Inevitable: Understanding The 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future (4)
11:44 Another Day, Another Horrible Ruling That Undermines The First Amendment And Section 230 (39)
10:38 Gen. Petraeus Leaked Classified Info To Journalists, Sent Sensitive Documents To Non-Secure Email Accounts (25)
10:33 Daily Deal: Remix Mini Android PC (5)
09:36 Judge Rejects Oracle's Attempt To Get Court To Reject Jury Verdict Over Java API Copyright (14)
08:37 Oklahoma Cops Debut Tool That Allows Them To Drain Pre-Paid Cards During Traffic Stops (132)
06:32 Spies In Denial: GCHQ Boss Says Snowden Didn't Kick Off Debate Over Surveillance (19)
03:25 Uruguay Politicians Give Unanimous Preliminary Approval To Copyright Reform, Publishers Fight It Anyway (40)


23:23 UK Parliament Ignores Concerns; Moves Snooper's Charter Forward (25)
17:00 DailyDirt: Reusing Plastic Instead Of Throwing It All Away... (6)
15:47 Global Archery's Suit Against Tossed (9)
14:05 Forty-One Secret Service Employees Punished For Illegally Accessing Congressman's Private Data In Hopes Of Discrediting Him (28)
12:46 Facebook Is Flagging/Banning Accounts For Posting An Admittedly Strange Children's Book Illustration (38)
11:40 Another Entity Thinks A Random Bundle Of URLs Is A Legitimate DMCA Takedown Request (33)
10:37 Russia Imprisoning Dozens Of Social Media Critics For 'Hate Speech' (25)
10:32 Daily Deal: CompTIA IT Security, Network And Hardware Training (1)
09:32 Snowden Docs Show GCHQ, MI5 To Be All Haystack, No Needle (28)
08:27 Senator Jeff Sessions Looks To Blast A Giant Hole In The 4th Amendment For 'Emergency' Response (46)
06:29 Jesse Jackson Likens FCC Cable Box Reform Plan To 'Snarling Dogs, Water Hoses And Church Bombings' (35)
03:27 Europe Has One Last Shot To Ensure Its Net Neutrality Rules Actually Work (2)
00:04 Go Home, State Council Information Office Of The People's Republic Of China, You're Drunk (4)
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