Say That Again

by Tim Cushing

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encryption, fbi, iphones, safety, security



by Daily Deal

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daily deal


by Mike Masnick

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backdoor, doj, encryption, fbi, iphones, security


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03:20 Tesla Says GM Pushing Indiana Bill To Kill Direct-To-Consumer Tesla Sales (24)


23:23 Arizona Legislators Trying (Again) To Ban Traffic Cameras (15)
17:00 DailyDirt: Age Is Just A Number (2)
15:49 Patreon Moves To Give Users A Chance To Respond To DMCA Notices Before Taking Down Content (28)
14:45 How Existing Wiretapping Laws Could Save Apple From FBI's Broad Demands (36)
13:45 New Group Seeking Privacy/Security Balance Loads Up On Former Government Officials And RSA Employees (9)
12:40 President Obama Nominates New Librarian Of Congress Who Supports Open Access, Fights Against Surveillance (25)
11:40 What's At Stake In Apple/FBI Fight: Who Gets To Set The Rules That Govern Your Privacy & Security (32)
10:36 Copyright Office Decides To Rewrite Copyright Law Itself, Blesses A 'Making Available' Right That Isn't There (34)
10:31 Daily Deal: SnapPages (1)
09:31 Penis Pump Company Threatens To Report Techdirt To Interpol Because We Wrote About Its Bogus DMCA Demands (83)
08:28 House Speaker Paul Ryan Demands TPP Be Renegotiated; Neglects To Mention It Was His Bill That Makes That Impossible (25)
06:25 Federal Judge Says Recording Police Not Protected By The First Amendment (61)
03:22 Canada Forcing Cheaper, More Flexible Pricing On TV Industry March 1. Will It Work? (23)


23:23 The 'Coke Zero' Trademark Madness May Finally Be Coming To An End (20)
17:05 NY Yankees Do Fans A 'Favor' By Preventing Them From Printing Their Tickets At Home (24)
17:00 DailyDirt: When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think Horses -- Not Zebras (Usually) (5)
14:52 Bill Gates Is Confused About Apple FBI Fight, Makes Everyone More Confused (91)
13:43 FTC Dings ASUS For Selling 'Secure' Routers That Shipped With Default Admin/Admin Login (And Other Flaws) (28)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 62: The Best/Worst Time To Be A Content Creator (3)
11:40 DOJ Reached Out To San Bernardino Victims For Legal Support Before Going To Court Against Apple (37)
10:41 Pew Asks Stupid Misleading Question About FBI Apple Fight, Gets Stupid Misleading Answers (55)
10:36 Daily Deal: Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp (1)
09:27 FBI's Scorched Earth Approach To Apple Means That Tech Companies Now Have Even Less Incentive To Help Feds (112)
08:27 The List Of 12 Other Cases Where The DOJ Has Demanded Apple Help It Hack Into iPhones (21)
06:27 FBI Insists It's Not Trying To Set A Precedent, But Law Enforcement Is Drooling Over Exactly That Possibility (62)
03:21 Google Fiber Expanding Faster, Further -- And Making Comcast Very Nervous (52)


23:23 Hurt Locker Publicity Rights Lawsuit Brought By War Veteran Tossed Again On 1st Amendment Grounds (11)
17:00 DailyDirt: Nuclear Power Making Progress? (12)
15:30 New Hampshire Legislator Introduces Bill Protecting Libraries' Right To Run Tor Relays (13)
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