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by Tim Cushing

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Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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12:49 Techdirt Reading List: Foolproof: Why Safety Can Be Dangerous And How Danger Makes Us Safe (5)
11:45 MuckRock's FOIA Redaction Hall Of Shame (7)
10:39 San Francisco Legislators Dodging Public Records Requests With Self-Destructing Text Messages (32)
10:34 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Python Coding Bundle (2)
09:33 Comcast Battles Google Fiber In Atlanta -- With Threat Of Usage Caps Unless You Sign 3-Year Contract (47)
08:33 How Apple Could Lose By Winning: The DOJ's Next Move Could Be Worse (127)
06:26 ISPs Are Blocking Google Fiber's Access To Utility Poles In California (18)
03:24 EU Court Of Justice Advocate General Says Open WiFi Operators Shouldn't Be Liable For Infringement (9)


23:23 Two Brazilian Restaurants Battle Over Trademark For Logos Because Both Include Fire (12)
17:00 DailyDirt: AlphaGo Plays Better Go Than Puny Humans... (6)
16:13 Yankees' Dumb Ticket Policy Turns Soccer Match At Yankee Stadium Into A Ghost Town (23)
14:47 Powerman5000 Takes To Facebook To Complain About Similar Sounding Final Fantasy Song, Fans Rebut Them (18)
13:47 Canadian Cable Companies Make A Mockery Of Government's Push For Cheaper TV (18)
12:46 Defense Department Agencies Have Been Operating Drones Domestically Without Cohesive Guidelines (14)
11:36 Journalism Professor Dan Gillmor On Why You Should Support Techdirt's Crowdfunding Campaign (29)
10:36 Facebook Not Legally Liable For 'JerkingMan' Video Posted By One Of Its Users (20)
10:31 Daily Deal: Heimdal Security Pro for PC (3)
09:28 Apple's VP Of Software Engineering: No, We Have Never Given A Backdoor To Any Government (25)
08:25 Apple Tells Court That The DOJ Is Lying About It Advertising The Fact That Encryption Keeps Out Law Enforcement (33)
06:24 Despite Gigabit Hype, U.S. Broadband's Actually Getting Less Competitive Than Ever (13)
03:23 Moroccan Telcos Block Free VoIP Calls To Protect Their Bottom Lines (11)


23:23 Yes, You Can Reconcile The Wide Sharing Of Personal Medical Research Data With Greater Participant Control (1)
17:00 DailyDirt: How Will Anyone Get To Mars? (13)
15:53 Apple's Response To DOJ: Your Filing Is Full Of Blatantly Misleading Claims And Outright Falsehoods (161)
14:03 Appeals Court Says Is Not Liable For Sex Trafficking Done Via Its Site (3)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 65: Net Neutrality, Zero Rating & The Games Internet Providers Play (1)
11:39 Rhode Island Attorney General Pushes Yet Another Terrible Cybercrime Bill (30)
10:36 Join Internet Startups In Telling The EU Not To Mess Up The Internet (7)
10:31 Daily Deal: Hardcore Game Dev Bundle (2)
09:28 Senator Lindsey Graham Finally Talks To Tech Experts, Switches Side In FBI V. Apple Fight (55)
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