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17:00 DailyDirt: Imagine There's No Cancer... (20)
15:34 If Microsoft Wins Its 'Stupid Patent Of The Month' Lawsuit, Expect A Plague Of Trolls To Move Into Design Patents (11)
13:59 These Ain't Masterminds: Would Be Terrorist Crowdsourced Targets On Twitter Using 'Silent Bomber' Handle (38)
12:39 If We're Not Careful, Self-Driving Cars Will Be The Cornerstone Of The DRM'd, Surveillance Dystopias Of Tomorrow (53)
11:37 CBS Sues Over Star Trek Fan Film Because It Sounds Like It's Going To Be Pretty Good (62)
10:36 One Of Congress's Biggest Defenders Of NSA Surveillance Suddenly Aghast That NSA May Have Spied On Him (43)
10:31 Daily Deal: Top Deals Of 2015 (1)
09:35 Even The Power Of The Dark Side Can't Save Disney & ESPN From Cord Cutting (32)
08:38 NSA Never Stopped Intercepting Foreign Leaders' Communications, Swept Up Congress Members In Its Collection (17)
06:19 The Cable Industry's Response To A Banner Year For Cord Cutting? Massive Across The Board Price Increases For 2016 (39)
03:20 Police Union Thinks Cops Should Receive Less Scrutiny Than Retail Workers (76)


23:23 TPP's Forgotten Danger: Stronger Trade Secrets Protection, With Criminal Penalties For Infringement (20)
17:00 DailyDirt: Tiny Generators... Instead Of Tiny Batteries? (6)
15:33 Stupid Patent Of The Month: Microsoft's Design Patent On A Slider (23)
13:55 The DMCA Has Delivered Us Into The Hands Of The Proprietary Internet Of Disconnected Things (29)
12:42 Another NSL Challenge Is Made Public; Court Decides Government Can Keep Gag Order In Place Indefinitely (10)
11:39 Comcast, Which Wanted To Become Even Bigger, Leads The ISP Pack In Consumer Complaints To The FCC (11)
11:34 Daily Deal: Edurila Membership (0)
10:34 Who Needs A No-Fly List When You Can Just Ground 91 Million Citizens? (73)
09:33 Book Publisher Has No Idea How Google Works But Pretty Sure It Could End Piracy If It Tried (54)
08:29 UK Home Secretary Wants Everyone's Metadata; But If You Ask For Hers, Gov't Says You're Being Vexatious (43)
06:28 After A Decade Of Waiting For Verizon, Town Builds Itself Gigabit Fiber For $75 Per Month (59)
03:24 French Consumer Group Tries To Win Back Resale Rights For Digitally Distributed Games (20)


23:21 Judge Not Impressed With Government's Warrantless 921-Page 'Peek' Into A Suspect's Cellphone (45)
17:00 DailyDirt: Artificial Intelligence Is Starting To See Things Now (5)
15:38 Canada Too Has An Issue With Arbitrary Applications Of Morality In Trademark Applications (15)
14:06 Legislator Looking To Force Government Agencies To Release FOIAed Documents In Their Original Formats (6)
12:46 DOJ's Equitable Sharing Program Takes $1.2 Billion Hit, Much To Dismay Of Asset Forfeiture-Abusing Law Enforcement Agencies (22)
11:38 50 Cent Files Stupid, Hypocritical Lawsuit Over Another Rapper's 'Theft' Of His Song In A Mixtape (17)
10:38 Senator Richard Burr: Confused And Wrong On Encryption (48)
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