by Tim Cushing

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hailstorm, irs, stingray, surveillance, warrants

harris corp.


by Daily Deal

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daily deal


by Tim Cushing

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all writs act, doj, encryption, going dark, licensing, ownership



by Mike Masnick

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cisa, cybersecurity, lobbying, surveillance, tech industry



by Karl Bode

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broadband, eu, europe, loopholes, net neutrality, zero ratings


by Leigh Beadon


by Leigh Beadon

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history, look back


by Leigh Beadon

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awesome stuff, guitar, midi, music

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19:39 Nina Paley Argues Why Copyright Is Brain Damage (182)
18:15 Court Dismisses Wikimedia's Lawsuit Over NSA Surveillance (38)
17:00 DailyDirt: Growing Backup Organs (4)
16:02 Harmonix Caught Astroturfing Amazon Reviews For Rock Band 4, Offers Non-Apology Apology (20)
14:48 So How Much Of The $90 Million Pandora Is Paying RIAA Labels To Settle Lawsuit Will Go To Artists? (37)
13:45 Beyonce Wins Her Own Copyright Case The Same Day Husband Jay-Z Wins His Copyright Case (6)
12:45 Competitor Steps In To Offer Toxoplasmosis Drug For $749 Less Per Pill Than Martin Shkreli And Turing Pharma (22)
11:44 Russian Experiment Tried -- And Failed -- To Block Citizens' Access To The Rest Of Internet (29)
10:44 Advocacy Groups, Lawyers Want Dept. Of Education To Enforce Campus Yik Yak Bans, Encourage First Amendment Violations (30)
10:39 Daily Deal: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Bundle (4)
09:39 CBS Radio Says That It Doesn't Play Pre-1972 Music, Because All Its Old Songs Are Remastered (28)
08:19 Slate Informs Its Readers That Confusing, Unnecessary, Anti-Competitive Broadband Usage Caps Are Simply Wonderful (22)
06:19 China's Ministry Of Culture Joins Social Media, Immediately Inundated With 100,000 Hostile Comments (12)
03:20 Easily Hacked Tea Kettle Latest To Highlight Pathetic Internet Of Things 'Security' (36)


23:22 No, Including Stream-Safe Music Options In Games Isn't The Solution To Game-Stream Takedowns (33)
17:00 DailyDirt: Aliens Aren't Coming To Visit Anytime Soon, But... (11)
15:34 More Legislators Think Underprivileged Cops Need 'Hate Crime' Law Protections (40)
14:10 Fandango Games Movie Reviews So It's Technically Impossible For A Film To Suck (29)
12:59 Techdirt Reading List: Smarter Than You Think (7)
11:50 Airbnb's Tone Deaf Ads Are Absolutely Terrible... But The Proposition They're Protesting Is Worse (25)
10:25 CISA Moves Forward: These 83 Senators Just Voted To Expand Surveillance (93)
10:20 Daily Deal: Backblaze Unlimited Backup (1)
09:47 Judge Rules That Egyptian Moral Rights Don't Provide Standing In Tangled Lawsuit Over Jay-Z's Big Pimpin' (33)
08:29 Nearly All Tech Hardware And Services Get Cheaper Over Time -- Except For Cable TV (49)
06:28 Roca Labs Loses Its Lawsuit Against Pissed Consumer (Badly) (9)
03:21 Familial DNA Searches May Make You Think Twice About Signing Up With Private Genetic Services (26)


23:24 Fox, Exxon Trademark Spat Of Stupid Finally Ends After Two Years Of Dumb (19)
17:00 DailyDirt: Flying Faster Than The Speed Of Sound (Again) (22)
15:40 Sheldon Whitehouse Freaks Out, Blames 'Pro-Botnet Lobby' For Rejecting His Terrible CFAA Amendment (16)
14:04 Appeals Court Reverses Its Own Ruling: It's NOT Trademark Infringement For Amazon To Provide Useful Search Results (9)
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