by Glyn Moody

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amazon, amazonia, mapping, open access, open data, open street map



by Timothy Geigner

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criminals, detective work, police, wifi


by Mike Masnick

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encryption, gchq, nsa, otr, pgp, ssh, ssl, surveillance, zrtp


by Karl Bode

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cable tv, fox news, retransmission, retransmission fights, tv

dish, fox


by Vera Ranieri

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patents, surge pricing



by Glyn Moody

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france, surveillance

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09:34 How Twitter, Google And Facebook Have Responded To Russia's Attempt To Censor Political Opposition (27)
07:58 Sony's Own Copyright Infringement Shows How Broken Our Copyright System Is Today (65)
05:53 NSA Waited Until Christmas Eve To Release Details Of Its Illegal Surveillance On Americans (69)
03:49 Philadelphia DA Drops Case Against Parents Whose House Was Seized Over A $40 Drug Sale By Their Son (33)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (3)


09:00 This Week In Techdirt History: December 21 - 27 (9)


09:00 Catch Up On The Techdirt Podcast Before It Returns In January (0)


19:39 How The CIA's Torture Program Is Destroying The Key Foreign Power The US Had: The Moral High Ground (72)
18:19 UK Party Leader Attacks Satirical Mobile Game Made By Teenagers Interested In Politics (40)
17:00 DailyDirt: Christmas Dinner Isn't The Same Without... (7)
15:49 Korea Threatens To Put Uber's CEO In Prison For Offering An 'Illegal' Taxi Service (10)
14:32 Seattle PD Holds Hackathon To Solve Body Cam Footage Redaction Problem (9)
13:21 Italian Regulators Fine TripAdvisor For Not Sniffing Out Every Single Fake Review On The Site (13)
12:09 Sony Hack Reveals That MPAA's Big '$80 Million' Settlement With Hotfile Was A Lie (80)
10:57 Irony: Sony Turns To Google, The Company It Was Plotting Against, To Stream The Interview (38)
09:59 Could The FAA's Drone Policies Violate The First Amendment? (26)
08:23 Comcast, NBC Have Learned Little, Still Cling Tightly To Broken 'TV Everywhere' Mindset (31)
06:17 Throwing Tax Breaks At AT&T And Verizon Shockingly Not Creating Promised Jobs, Investment (20)
04:18 Yet Another Website Kills Comments, Despite Study Showing You Can Have Civil Comments If You Give A Damn (43)
01:11 Business Owner Who Refused To Turn Over Facebook Account Passwords Arrested For Contempt Of (Bankruptcy) Court (22)


21:04 Oakland PD Body Cams Help Cut Police-Involved Shootings From 8 A Year To Zero In The Last 18 Months. (20)
17:00 DailyDirt: Spoiler Alert... Santa Claus Ain't Real (22)
15:46 Claiming To Represent 'Tech' Network Hardware Vendors Shockingly Support Their ISP Clients In Opposing Tough Net Neutrality Rules (20)
14:48 New Zealand Supreme Court Says Raid On Dotcom's Home Legal Enough To Get A Pass (80)
13:44 Stupid Costly Patent Nuclear War By Microsoft & Apple Against Android Averted (12)
12:38 Dark Souls Modder Gets Copyright Threat From Game Developer For Some Reason (9)
11:42 Google, Microsoft, Wireless Carriers Form Rare Alliance To Battle Marriott's Dumb Wi-Fi 'Jamming' (27)
10:27 NY Judge Laments The Lack Of A 'Right To Be Forgotten'; Suggests New Laws Fix That (28)
09:26 Canada Preps Launch Of An Actually Mostly Sensible ISP Copyright Warning System (14)
08:04 Comcast Lobbyists Give Lawmakers Golden Tickets: Secret Phone Numbers To Reach Good Customer Service (55)
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