Too Much Free Time

by Timothy Geigner

Filed Under:
ban, minecraft, turkey, violence


by Leigh Beadon

Filed Under:
gig economy, podcast, ride sharing

lyft, sidecar, uber


by Karl Bode

Filed Under:
availability, convenience, exclusives, hbo, hbo go

apple, hbo


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
backdoors, cia, encryption, hackathon, ios, jamboree, xcode


Movie Industry

by Karl Bode

Filed Under:
boycott, films, india, piracy

tamil film producer's council, tfpc

Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
domain registrars, notorious markets, ustr


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01:08 Health Impact Assessment: TPP Poses Risks To Affordable Medicines, Tobacco Control And Nutrition Labeling (24)


21:06 Another Newspaper Paywall Bites The Dust (31)
17:00 DailyDirt: Water Repellent Surfaces... Like Lotus Leaves Or A Duck's Back (2)
15:53 Former Revenge Pornster Chance Trahan Reinvents Himself... As Shark Tank's Daymond John (11)
14:45 Elsevier Appears To Be Slurping Up Open Access Research, And Charging People To Access It (29)
13:34 Blackburn Bill Attempts To Gut New Net Neutrality Rules. You Know, For Freedom. (52)
12:33 Australian Government Prosecuting Anonymous Member Who Allegedly Exposed The Major Flaw In Its Data Retention Demands (40)
11:31 EU Digital Commissioner: Net Neutrality Is A 'Taliban-Like' Issue (50)
10:24 The Cartoonist Has No Idea How Fair Use Works (93)
09:14 MPAA Abusing DMCA Takedowns To Attempt A Poor Man's SOPA (53)
07:58 Jeb Bush Is The Latest Politician To Demonstrate Absolutely No Understanding Of Net Neutrality (57)
05:48 Indian Government Attempts To Censor BBC Gang Rape Documentary; Succeeds Only In Drawing More Attention To It (53)
03:49 Hall & Oates Suing Breakfast Company Over Haulin' Oats Granola... And For A Pretty Good Reason (28)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (11)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: March 1st - 7th (25)


19:39 The Cartoonist Has No Idea How Net Neutrality Works (101)
18:16 Will The Vulcan Salute Live Long And Prosper? The Rush To Lock Up 'Cultural Expression' (33)
17:00 DailyDirt: Recipes Analyzed By Algorithms (8)
16:02 The White House Has Gone Full Doublespeak On Fast Track And The TPP (40)
14:49 Spanish Court Limits Scope Of EU's Right To Be Forgotten (8)
13:42 FCC Approval Of Zero Rating Shows Companies Can Still Violate Neutrality Under New Rules, They Just Have To Be More Clever About It (13)
12:40 Olympics Committee Forces Oregon Restaurant To Change Its Name (36)
11:36 Court Tells AZ Legislator To Fix His Unconstitutional Revenge Porn Bill; He Immediately Makes It Much Worse (13)
10:30 Snowden Docs: New Zealand Spying On Friendly Neighboring Countries For The NSA (24)
09:29 Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood Demands $2,100 To Reveal The Emails He's Had With The MPAA (77)
08:11 Albuquerque Police Dept. 'Complies' With Records Request By Releasing Password-Protected Videos... But Not The Password (47)
06:11 Canadian Border Patrol Charge Traveler With 'Obstruction' For Refusing To Give Up His Phone Password (57)
04:06 Wordpress Wins Case Against DMCA Abuser... Who Ignored The Proceedings (16)
01:02 EU's Socialist Politicians Come Out Strongly Against Corporate Sovereignty -- To A Certain Extent... (10)


21:03 Why Online Attacks By Nations Are Problematic: Enemies Can Learn From Your Digital Weapons, Then Turn Improved Versions Against You (20)
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