by Timothy Geigner

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donuts, trademark, uspto


by Timothy Geigner

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cwf, piracy, stardew valley, video games


by Daily Deal

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daily deal

Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

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ccrb, law enforcement, nypd, oig


by Karl Bode

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broadband, fcc, gao

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03:33 Leveraging Shame And The Presumption Of Guilt To Destroy Lives And Punish Consenting Adults (57)


23:23 English Brewer And French Wine Group In Trademark Dispute Over 'Champ' (7)
17:00 DailyDirt: Actually Getting People Into Space... (8)
15:33 Hollywood Forced SlySoft DVD Ripping Software Out Of Business, Only To Have It Return As RedFox (59)
14:02 FBI Plays It Coy Regarding Their iPhone Exploit (33)
13:04 FL Senate Candidate Tries To Edit Scientology Links From Wikipedia Page, Streisanding Those Links Everywhere (11)
11:38 FOIA Documents Expose Details On TSA's $47,000 Coin Flipping App (47)
10:35 Copyright Troll Tries To Silence Anti-Troll Blogger With Law Enforcement Threats (11)
10:30 Daily Deal: The Complete Computer Science Bundle (4)
10:00 California Lawmakers Manage To Turn Encrypted Phone Ban Legislation Into Encryption Backdoor Legislation (47)
09:29 Back Door Legislation Won't Have The White House's Support (Nor Its Opposition, Most Likely) (14)
08:32 Adding End-To-End Encryption To WhatsApp Is Great...But Not Quite As Secure As People May Think (11)
06:23 Verizon's Attempt To Woo Millennials Is Equal Parts Creepy, Expensive And Sad (18)
03:22 Court Says Prosecutor's Lies Means Man Can Have His Money Back, But Not His Life (26)


23:23 All Those Evil Violent Video Games Apparently Failed At Turning Kids Into Deviant Murder-Terrorists (32)
17:00 DailyDirt: Who Cares About Moore's Law Anymore? (12)
15:32 Canadian Government Fails To Force Cheaper TV Options, Blames Consumers For Not Trying Harder (17)
14:03 Destroying Reputations And Hacking Elections For Fun And Profit (21)
12:48 Sony Finally Releases PS4 Remote Play For PC App That Isn't As Good As A Modder's App Is (14)
11:42 Law Enforcement Raids Another Tor Exit Node Because It Still Believes An IP Address Is A Person (53)
10:35 Citizens On Terrorist Watchlist - Including A 4-Year-Old Boy - Sue Government For Violating Their Rights (13)
10:30 Daily Deal: Scrivener (0)
09:36 Swedish Court: Wikipedia Hosting Photos Of Public Artwork Is Copyright Infringement For Some Reason (35)
08:33 Using The All Writs Act To Route Around The Fifth Amendment (47)
06:32 ISPs Now Charging Broadband Users A Steep Premium If They Want To Avoid Usage Caps (40)
03:36 UK Police Flagging Uncharged Arrestees As Possible National Security Threats To Keep Their Biometric Data From Being Deleted (23)


23:23 Baseball Equipment Makers In Trademark Spat Over The Word 'Diamond' (16)
17:00 DailyDirt: What Will The Robot Economy Look Like? (29)
15:34 For The Fifth Time Now, German Court Says Adblocking Is Legal (63)
14:01 WhatsApp Finishes Rolling Out End-To-End Encryption; Now Covers Group Messages, Media (19)
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