Business Models

by Timothy Geigner

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dlc, drm, free, video games, witcher 3

cd projekt

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09:39 AT&T Still Proudly Makes Unlocking Phones Under Contract Annoying and Impossible (27)
08:20 James Comey Again Demands Tech Companies Do As He Says And Grant The FBI Complete Access To Whatever It Wants (67)
06:10 Dish Pulls CNN, Doesn't Think Customers Still Paying For It Are Missing Much (59)
04:09 Chicago Transit Cops Start Up Their Own Security Theater, Will Start Randomly Swabbing Bags For Explosive Residue (62)
01:08 Carl Malamud's Public.Resource.Org Joins Effort To Make Pay-Walled Indian Standards Freely Available (6)


21:08 Now In Charge Of Congress, GOP Plans To Give Up Its Own Constitutional Powers To The Obama Administration (89)
17:00 DailyDirt: Looking Fashionable In New Spacesuit Designs (7)
15:55 Hillary Clinton Still Refuses To Make Her Views Clear On Surveillance, And That's A Problem (30)
14:48 Roca Labs Threatens Other Sites For Writing About Its Case, Files Another Questionable Document (13)
13:47 Australians' Stored Metadata Could Be Used In Any Civil Case, Including Against Copyright Infringement (27)
12:45 Pharma Officials Insist That There Is 'Zero Evidence' That Patents Harm Access To Medicine (37)
11:41 Germany's Top Publisher Admits Its Web Traffic Plummeted Without Google; Wants Politicians To 'Take Action' (61)
10:30 Court Says By Agreeing To AOL's Terms Of Service, You've 'Consented' To Search By Law Enforcement (65)
09:32 Lena Dunham Once Again Threatens Lawsuit Over An Interpretation Of Her Book That She Doesn't Like (33)
08:17 Inspector General's Report Says Accusations NSA Listened In On Military Personnel's Phone Calls 'Baseless,' Hints At Other Misconduct (11)
06:22 Former NSA Lawyer Says Reason Blackberry Failed Was 'Too Much Encryption' Warns Google/Apple Not To Make Same Mistake (77)
04:21 Latest EFF DMCA Exemption Requests Include The Right to Tinker With and Maintain Unsupported Video Games (45)
01:16 UK Launches Orphan Work Licensing Scheme, Misses Huge Opportunity To Make It Much Better (9)


21:13 Airbnb Competitor Sues San Francisco For Making New 'Legalize Airbnb' Law Too Restricted To Airbnb (7)
17:00 DailyDirt: Who Needs A Mouse And Keyboard Anymore? (19)
15:57 Here's Hoping Judge Ignores The Nutty Plaintiff With An Important Case On NSA Surveillance Of Business Records (22)
14:58 Virginia Police Departments Have Been Collaborating On An Ad Hoc, Secret Phone Record Database (15)
13:50 Chris Hadfield's Outer Space Version Of Space Oddity Is Back... But It Still Never Should Have Gone Away (32)
12:46 Russia Dismantles Steve Jobs Memorial, Fearing That Tim Cook's Homosexuality Might Be Contagious (74)
11:36 Pianist Dejan Lazic Defends His Takedown Request By Pointing Out That The WaPo Reviewer Is Really Mean (28)
10:27 Attention Kim Kardashian: You Can't Sue Another Woman For Having A Big Ass And An Instagram Account (42)
09:17 District Court Orders Release Of Another DOJ Drone-Killing Memo, Cites [REDACTED] In Support (24)
08:04 Broadcasters And Cable Companies Trying Harder Than Ever To Annoy Paying Customers With Ugly Public Contract Disputes (41)
06:03 New GCHQ Boss Blames Tech Industry For 'Facilitating Murder' And Being Terrorists' 'Command-And-Control' Center (39)
04:02 Facebook's Ability To Influence The Election (11)
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