HideOnly 2 days left to get your copy of the CIA's declassified training game by backing CIA: Collect It All on Kickstarter »
HideOnly 2 days left to get your copy of the CIA's declassified training game by backing CIA: Collect It All on Kickstarter »
stories filed under: "pricing"

Business Models

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
dota 2, experiments, gabe newell, pricing, trolls


Business Models

by Zachary Knight

Filed Under:
marketing, pricing, video games

epic games

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10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Microsoft 365 Security Training Bundle (2)
09:35 FBI's Bust Of Black Open Carry Advocate Predicated On An InfoWars Video Ends In Dismissed Indictment (58)
06:20 Senate Will Vote Wednesday To Try And Save Net Neutrality (30)
03:23 DOJ, DHS Sued Over Inaccurate 'Terrorist Entry' Report (21)


19:39 Despite Its Problems, More Consumers Should Behave Like Beer Drinkers To Keep Trademark At Bay (14)
15:35 Fourth Amendment Gets A Small Boost At The Border From Fourth Circuit Appeals Court (15)
13:40 Danish ISPs That Teamed Up To Beat Back Copyright Trolls Get Huge Legal Win (10)
11:59 California Gov't Thinks It Might Be Able To Regulate Fake News Sometime Before 2020 (38)
10:44 Prison Phone Monopoly Securus Under Fire Again, This Time For Doling Out Everybody's Private Phone Location Data (20)
10:39 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want The Ultimate Web Developer eBook Bundle (3)
09:33 Researchers Find Breathalyzers To Be Just More Faulty Cop Tech Capable Of Putting Innocent People In Jail (22)
06:25 Police Realizing That SESTA/FOSTA Made Their Jobs Harder; Sex Traffickers Realizing It's Made Their Job Easier (84)
03:23 Georgia Governor Vetoes Terrible Cybersecurity Law That Would Have Criminalized Security Research (12)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (7)


11:00 The Clock Is Ticking: Get Your Copy Of CIA: Collect It All On Kickstarter! (7)


19:39 Steam Yanks Another Developer's Games Over Fake Reviews Posted By Employee (45)
15:43 CBP Sued For Seizing $41,000 From Airline Passenger, Then Refusing To Give It Back Unless She Promised Not To Sue (69)
13:38 Minnesota Judges Refuse To Unmask Defendants For Copyright Troll Strike 3 (9)
12:00 Rap or Pap? Dr. Dre Loses Trademark Battle With Dr. Drai, A Gynecologist (17)
10:41 AT&T Cans Exec Over Cohen Payment Kerfuffle, Pretends This Kind Of Influence Peddling Isn't Perfectly Routine (46)
10:36 Daily Deal: DIY Game Console Kit V2 (0)
09:30 When In Doubt, Blame Terrorists: Patent Attorney Claims Terrorists Are Infringing And Killing Jobs (21)
06:26 T-Mobile Hires Ex-FCC Commissioner To Claim Its Competition-Killing Merger Will Be Really Great For...Farmers (44)
03:23 Court: FBI Agents Can Be Held Accountable For Tossing Immigrants On The No-Fly List Because They Refused To Be Informants (24)


19:52 As NAFTA Negotiations Finish Up, Hopefully The USTR Remembers That The Internet Has Been Good For Creators Too (38)
15:40 Iran's President Comes Out Against His Country's Ban On Telegram (26)
13:35 Venture Beat Reporter Abuses DMCA To Silence A Critic (48)
12:01 FCC Boss Celebrates As Net Neutrality Gets An End Date: June 11 (66)
10:42 Actors Hired To Play Consumers In Bid To Thwart Renewable Energy in New Orleans (18)
10:37 Daily Deal: The Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle (2)
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