(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Tim Cushing

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body cam, police

Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

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life in prison, ross ulbricht, sentencing, silk road

silk road


by Glyn Moody

Filed Under:
anonymity, encryption, human rights, privacy, un

Business Models

by Karl Bode

Filed Under:
dlc, drm, fan friendly, witcher 3

cd projekt red


by Gretchen Heckmann

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daily deal

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13:47 Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison (29)
12:47 UN Report: Encryption And Anonymity Deserve 'Strong Protection' (5)
11:51 Insanity Rules In Ireland: Media Ordered Not To Report On Parliamentary Speech (20)
10:44 CD Projekt Red Does Everything Right With Witcher 3 DRM & DLC...And Breaks Sales Records (26)
10:36 Daily Deal: Stuk.io Build Your Dream Apps with Ruby on Rails (0)
09:40 Ford Pretends To Open Up Its Patents Like Tesla, But Doesn't; Media Falls For It (36)
08:24 Rosie O'Donnell's Ex Accuses Her Of Copyright Infringement... For Posting Photos Of Their Daughter To Instagram (44)
06:19 Google Backs Off Zero Rating In India After Facebook Takes A Global Public Relations Beating (21)
04:01 FTC Gets $1.2 Billion From Drug Company Over 'Pay For Delay' Patent Scam (15)
01:03 China's New Antitrust Rules Aim To Blunt Foreign Patent Threat (2)


21:02 Dallas PD Guts Specifics From Citizen Recording Policy, Leaving Only Vague Reminder To Respect Pre-Existing Rights (7)
17:00 DailyDirt: Digital Photography Magic (aka Photoshopping) (6)
15:38 Throwback Thursday: Eat'n Park Still Suing Over Smiley Face Cookies After All This Time (15)
14:39 Book Publishers Whine To USTR That It's Just Not Fair That Canada Recognizes Fair Dealing For Educational Purposes (25)
13:36 Rockstar Ironically Goes On The Trademark Muscle To Silence BBC Documentary (16)
12:32 The NYTimes Plays Its Role In 'Keeping Fear Alive' With Pure Fearmongering Over PATRIOT Act Renewal (36)
11:29 Google Fiber Says It's Passing On Rightscorp Settlement-O-Matic Demands For 'Transparency' (23)
11:23 Daily Deal: Power Castle 26000mAh External Battery (1)
10:26 Suicide Girls Reappropriate Art That Appropriation Artist Richard Prince Appropriated -- At A 99.9% Discount (49)
09:28 UK Government Goes Full Orwell: Snooper's Charter, Encryption Backdoors, Free Speech Suppression (59)
08:16 Company That Lets Parents Spy On Their Kids' Computer Usage... Has Database Hacked And Leaked (29)
06:15 Net Neutrality On The Ropes In Europe As Some EU Members Wimp Out On Real Rules (6)
04:08 An Innocent Pressure Cooker Pays The Price In The War On Terror (99)
01:03 Even Before TPP And TTIP, US Already Being Forced To Change Laws By Trade Agreements (41)


21:02 Court Shuts Down NYPD's Argument That When Searching For Black Male Suspects, Any Black Male Will Do (43)
17:00 DailyDirt: Computers Creating Content... (8)
15:06 Ohio Judge Fed Up With Malibu Media: Appears To Give Copyright Troll One Last Chance (11)
13:49 How Much Of Europe's Regulatory Interest In Silicon Valley Is Just Jealousy Over Successful Foreign Companies? (32)
12:48 Hacker Informs Starbucks Of Gift Card Exploit; Starbucks Accuses Hacker Of Fraud And Maliciousness (40)
11:46 Federal Judge Tosses All Evidence Obtained By FBI's 'Cable Guy' Ruse (21)
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