by Gretchen Heckmann

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Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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Free Speech

by Glyn Moody

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by Leigh Beadon


by Leigh Beadon

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09:00 Awesome Stuff: Monitor Everything (4)


19:39 EFF Helps Bust Bogus Patent That Was Being Used To Shake Down Podcasters (33)
18:17 2009 DHS Document Says Border Patrol Can Search/Copy The Contents Of Your Device Just Because It Wants To (34)
17:00 DailyDirt: The Golden Arches Has Over A Billion Served... But The Rate Is Slowing (13)
15:50 Hecklers Try To Veto University Screening Of 'American Sniper;' May Find Themselves Watching 'Paddington Bear' Instead (117)
14:31 Court Adds Much-Needed Element Of Malice To Nova Scotia's Terrible Cyberbullying Law (7)
13:22 FBI Breaks Up Another Of Its Own 'ISIS' Plots, Where It Supplied Most Of The Planning (66)
12:07 Google Rejects Postal For Google Play Store Due To Violence; GTA Games Still Available For Purchase (32)
12:02 Daily Deals: GT-ZO1 Touchscreen Dashcam (9)
10:58 Don't Think Open Access Is Important? It Might Have Prevented Much Of The Ebola Outbreak (15)
09:43 Copyrights & Patents Have Become A Religion; All Data Will Be Ignored (129)
08:13 US Patent Office Gamed The System To Make Sure Patent 9 Million Wasn't A Crazy Troll Patent (39)
06:13 DOJ Asserts Its Desire To Live In A Fantasy World Where Publicly-Disclosed Documents Haven't Been Publicly Disclosed (8)
03:50 Philly PD Declares All Drivers To Be 'Under Investigation' While Denying Request For License Plate Reader Data (41)
00:51 70% Of Fans Still Can't Watch LA Dodgers Games On TV Thanks To Time Warner Cable (26)


20:54 Seattle Honda/Toyota Dealer Decides To Try To Sell Cars Like Tesla Does, Rather Than Trying To Shut Tesla Down (16)
17:00 DailyDirt: Life's Little Problems In Space (12)
15:24 Why Online Abuse Is Not Our Destiny (22)
13:59 Supreme Court Says Lifetime GPS Monitoring Of Sex Offenders May Be Unconstitutional (21)
12:43 Would It Have Been Better To Let The Indiana Religious Freedom Law Stand And Let The Internet And Free Market Work? (87)
12:38 Daily Deals: 'SOS Online' Infinite Cloud Backup 2 Year Subscription (1)
11:35 Former Prenda Lawyer Hit With A $50,000 Counterclaim In ADA Shakedown Lawsuit (17)
10:33 Baltimore PD Has Deployed Stingray Devices Over 4,300 Times, Instructed By FBI To Withhold Info From Courts (39)
09:33 Why Don't Surveillance State Defenders Seem To Care That The Programs They Love Don't Work? (37)
08:19 Big Media Companies Insist That VPN Services Violate Copyright Law (72)
06:21 One ISP's Prices Are So Bad, It Refuses To Tell Anyone What They Are (22)
04:13 Modders Un-Region-Restricting Halo Online Undeterred By Microsoft DMCA (27)
01:07 EU Politicians Say: Don't Undermine Data Protection Rules With TAFTA/TTIP -- And Stop The Mass Surveillance (2)


21:02 [Updated] Employees Caught Throwing Away Thousands Of Records They Were Supposed To Be Archiving For The US Government (29)
17:00 DailyDirt: Peer Reviewed Publications Are Everywhere (1)
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