by Karl Bode

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by Tim Cushing

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by Mike Masnick

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Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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by Gretchen Heckmann

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06:01 Authorities Can't Find Anything To Charge Alleged 'Extremist' With But Still Insist On 24-Hour Monitoring, Computer Restrictions (70)
03:58 EU Copyright Reform Looking At Restricting Outdoor Photography (45)
00:54 Whatever You Call It -- Open Journalism, Social Media Journalism, Open-Source Intelligence -- It's Going Mainstream (11)


20:56 Wikileaks Reveals NSA Spying On French Presidents (24)
17:00 DailyDirt: Back To The Future... In 2015 (4)
15:55 Fast Track Moves Forward And Now The Fight Is On TPP Directly (48)
14:47 Judge Looking Into Alleged Destruction Of Exculpatory Evidence By Pentagon In Thomas Drake Prosecution (14)
13:40 The First Net Neutrality Complaint Has Been Filed, And It's Stupid (But Important) (8)
12:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 30: Does Distance Matter In The Digital Age? (11)
11:40 YouTube's Inane Response To Handing Popular YouTuber's Channel To Cosmetics Company: Blame The Algorithms (77)
10:35 Taylor Swift Is Not The Savior Artists Need (92)
10:30 Daily Deal: Intocircuit 15000mAh Power Castle External Battery (3)
09:23 Tumblr Complies With DMCA Takedown Requests From A Self-Proclaimed Future-Alien From Another Planet (30)
08:11 Eight Years Later, New York City Officials Wake Up To Verizon's Fiber Broadband Bluff (20)
06:12 The Outrageousness Of The Reason Gag Order (16)
04:10 Australia Passes Its Own SOPA, Ignores All Concerns About It (29)
01:06 Will Corporate Sovereignty Disputes Lead To Wars One Day? (40)


21:02 FISA Court Tackles Section 215 Mess, Public Advocates In New Opinion (7)
17:00 DailyDirt: Some Of Magneto's Superpowers Found In Ants And Worms... (1)
15:51 FCC Gives Cable Industry Just Enough Rope To Hang Itself (9)
14:42 GCHQ Dinged For Illegally Holding Onto Human Rights Groups Emails Too Long, Not For Collecting Them In The First Place (7)
13:40 Narcotics Team 'Loses' $294,000 In Seized Cash Because It Omitted The Location To Be Searched From Its Search Warrant (32)
12:42 Texas Dept. Of Public Safety Forced To Admit Its Stratfor-Crafted Surveillance Tech Isn't Actually Catching Any Criminals (15)
11:38 Supreme Court Says Motel Owners Must Be Allowed To Challenge Warrantless Searches Of Guest Registries (15)
11:33 Daily Deal: The Network Engineer's Learning Bundle (0)
10:33 Supreme Court Quotes Spiderman's 'Great Power, Great Responsibility' Line In Rejecting Royalties On Expired Patent (27)
09:18 UK High Court Strips Away Short-Lived Private Copying Right, Buying Recording Industry's Demented Assertions (69)
08:03 Germany Says You Can't Sell Adult Ebooks Until After 10 PM (40)
06:01 Sunday Times Doubles Down On Government Stenography, Detailing Calls For Prosecution Following Its Own Debunked Story (30)
03:54 Alleged Dallas Buyers Club Pirates To Be Asked For Employment, Income And Health Details (33)
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