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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.
stories from January 27th, 2020
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15:44 Federal Agencies Are Still Abusing Their Favorite, Super-Vague FOIA Exemption Thousands Of Times A Year (22)
13:36 Judge Who Originally Approved Sketchy UNC 'Silent Sam' Settlement Now Voids Deal, Realizing 'Confederate' Group Had No Standing (41)
12:05 CBP, ICE Hoovering Up Cell Location Data From Third Party Vendors To Track Down Immigrants (16)
10:47 Open Source Voice Assistant Promises To 'Nuke From Orbit' Patent Troll (31)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Bundle (0)
09:30 Announcing The Winners Of The 2nd Annual Public Domain Game Jam! (1)
06:32 US Takes Baby Steps Toward Providing Actual Public Evidence Of Huawei Spying (101)
03:26 Court Allows Chooseco's Lawsuit Against Netflix Over 'Bandersnatch' To Move Forward (9)


19:30 Court To Prosecutors Who Sent Crime Victims Fake Subpoenas Threatening Them With Arrest: Pretty Sure Immunity Doesn't Cover That (28)
15:27 Good News: Virginia Legislature Passes Anti-SLAPP Law (31)
12:55 Why Do Josh Hawley's Cures For 'Big Tech' Always Oddly Omit 'Big Telecom'? (13)
10:44 Copyright Troll Lawsuit Over Duct Taped Banana Picture (33)
10:39 Daily Deal: Blueprints Website Builder (0)
09:39 Arizona Legislator Wants To Strip Platforms Of Section 230 Immunity If They're 'Politically Biased' (87)
06:33 AT&T Keeps Pretending It Wants Real Net Neutrality And Privacy Laws. It Doesn't. (35)
03:26 Appeals Court Rules That People Can't Be Locked Up Indefinitely For Refusing To Decrypt Devices (30)


19:17 Audit Indicates Intuit Made $1 Billion By Hiding Free File Program From The Public (22)
15:46 CBP Employees Obtain New Accountability Shield With 'Security Agency' Designation (18)
13:43 Techdirt Podcast Episode 238: Larry Lessig Defends His 'Clickbait Defamation' Lawsuit (18)
11:56 When You Set Out To Block Misinformation, You Can Wind Up Blocking A Hero Like Li Wenliang (88)
10:44 US Antitrust Enforcement Clearly Broken As Court Rubber Stamps T-Mobile Merger (14)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Total CompTIA Core Certification Prep Bundle (2)
09:32 The End Of Ownership: Tesla Software Updates Giveth... And Tesla Software Updates Taketh Away... (62)
06:29 US Broadband Gaps Are Twice As Bad As The Government Claims (20)
03:28 Clearview Looking To Expand Its Market To Problematic Countries Known For Human Rights Abuses (21)


20:08 As The World Frets Over Social Media Tracking For Advertising, Young People Are Turning Fooling Sites Into Sport (48)
15:35 AOC Supports Full Repeal Of FOSTA (39)
13:30 Michigan County Sued For Stealing Cars From Innocent Car Owners Via Civil Forfeiture (94)
11:57 Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Drops Case After Suing On Behalf Of The Wrong Party And Trying To Swap Plaintiffs (21)
10:45 China's To Blame For The Equifax Hack. But It Shouldn't Let Equifax, Or US Regulators, Off The Hook. (26)
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