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20:12 Peloton Is Having A Rough Week: Product Safety Recalls And News Of Customer Data Exposure (15)
15:46 Devin Nunes' Favorite Lawyer On The Hook For Over $20k In Sanctions (32)
13:56 Fortnite, A Free Game, Made $9 Billion In Two Years (20)
12:07 Why Is A Congressional Staffer Teaming Up With A Hollywood Lobbyist To Celebrate Expansion Of Criminal Copyright Laws? (18)
10:50 NY AG Proves Broadband Industry Funded Phony Public Support For Attack On Net Neutrality (10)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Complete Ethical Hacking Course (1)
09:47 Former FCC Boss Ajit Pai Gets Handsomely Rewarded For Years Of Broadband Policy Falsehoods (10)
05:28 Putin's Crackdown On Demonstrators Adds A Sadistic Twist: Using Surveillance Cameras To Identify People, But To Arrest Them Only Days Or Months Later (20)


19:23 Huge News: US Gov't Agrees To Support Intellectual Property Waiver To Help Fight COVID (18)
15:42 Content Moderation Case Studies: How To Moderate World Leaders Justifying Violence (2020) (5)
13:30 Cable's Broadband Monopoly Continues To Protect It From TV Cord Cutting (4)
12:10 What If The Media And Politicians Tried To Hold A Techlash... And No One Joined Them (18)
11:02 The Oversight Board's Decision On Facebook's Trump Ban Is Just Not That Important (26)
10:57 Daily Deal: Introduction to Coding with HTML, CSS, And JavaScript (1)
09:40 If You're Going To Defend A Satirical Song From A Copyright Lawsuit, Don't Try A Bunch Of Stupid Alternative Arguments First (21)
05:31 Wall Street Journal Editorial Tries To Pretend That Fixing Repair Monopolies Is Bad For Your Health (35)


17:35 Trump Shows Why He Doesn't Need Twitter Or Facebook, As He Launches His Own Twitter-Like Microblog (109)
15:33 Lawsuit: Cops Trashed An Attorney's Home In Retaliation For Successfully Defending A Suspect Against Murder Charges (35)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 281: Twitter, Free Speech, And Mob Behavior (1)
12:04 Oversight Board Tells Facebook It Needs To Shape Up And Be More Careful About Silencing Minorities Seeking To Criticize The Powerful (14)
11:08 The Washington Post Thought It Might Be Nice To Provide Free Book Marketing To Insurrectionist Josh Hawley (31)
10:59 Daily Deal: Mini Wipebook Scan (2-Pack) (0)
09:32 Salesforce Asks Appeals Court To Say It's Protected Under 230; After Its Own CEO Said We Should Get Rid Of 230 (17)
05:28 Verizon's UltraFast 5G Can Only Be Accessed 0.8% Of The Time (4)


19:58 Riot Shuts Down LoL Fan Server After Getting All Wiseguy With Its Developers (6)
15:41 Fifth Circuit Strips Immunity From Cops Who Ended A Mental Health Crisis By Restraining A Man To Death (20)
13:39 Only 14% Of Americans Think Communities Shouldn't Be Allowed To Build Their Own Broadband Networks (16)
12:06 Rep. Lauren Boebert Decides To Streisand Parody Site Making Fun Of Her, Threatens To Take Legal Action Against It (55)
10:47 What3Words Sends Ridiculous Legal Threat To Security Researcher Over Open Source Alternative (23)
10:42 Daily Deal: The CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle (0)
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