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13:43 China Pushing Explicitly-Biased Facial Recognition Standards And Local Tech Companies Are Pitching In To Help (6)
12:04 Not All Tech Regulatory Desires Are Equal: And We Should Stop Pretending They Are (4)
10:49 Morrissey Thinks Free Speech No Longer Exists Because He Can't Sue The Simpsons For Satirizing Him (44)
10:44 Daily Deal: FIT TIMEZ Multifunction Fitness Watch (0)
09:38 Filming Cops Is The Best Accountability Tool: Officer Derek Chauvin Convicted Of Murder For Killing George Floyd (48)
04:36 Law Enforcement Officials Confirm Clearview's Facial Recognition Tech Is Mostly Useless (9)


22:30 Sony Reverses Course On Shutting Down PlayStation Store For PS3, Vita Devices (8)
15:43 Appeals Court: No Immunity For Cops Who Punched A Man Hanging From A Second Story Window And Tased Him When He Hit The Ground (14)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 279: How Rights Went Wrong (5)
11:53 Federal Court Tells Minnesota State Police To Stop Attacking, Harassing, And Arresting Journalists Covering Protests (39)
10:52 Apple Tells Congress That It Will Reallow Parler's App In The App Store, Now That It Has A Moderation Plan In Place (63)
10:49 Daily Deal: The CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle (0)
09:44 MyPillow CEO Sues Dominion For Violating His Company's Right To Say The Things About Election Fraud It Definitely Isn't Saying (38)
06:24 The GOP Is Using Veterans As Props To Demonize Net Neutrality (21)


19:54 Judge Has Some Fun Denying Injunction Requested By One Brewery For Another Over Trademark Suit (8)
15:31 From Jurassic Park To Telepathic Monkeys, Elon Musk Press Hype Is Getting A Bit Thick (27)
13:34 Josh Hawley: We Must Break Up Companies Whose Politics I Disagree With For Discriminating Against People Whose Politics I Agree With (63)
12:14 Internal Affairs Used Clearview To Identify Two NYPD Officers Caught Drinking On The Job (8)
10:46 Striking Cable Techs Build Their Own ISP In NYC (7)
09:35 The Privacy Paradox: When Big Tech Is Good On Privacy, They're Attacked As Being Bad For Competition (24)
06:35 FBI Flexes Rule 41 Powers, Uses Remote Access Technique To Neutralize Compromised Software All Over The US (43)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (76)


13:00 This Week In Techdirt History: April 11th - 17th (10)


19:39 PlayStation Y2K-Like Battery Bug About To Become A Problem As Sony Shuts Down Check In Servers (75)
15:38 Content Moderation Case Study: Friendster Battles Fakesters (2003) (4)
13:40 Steven Biss Loses Yet Again; Judges Still Resist Sanctions (10)
12:12 Released Body Cam Footage Shows Chicago Cop Shoot And Kill An Unarmed 13-Year-Old (108)
10:45 Republican's 'Big Tech Accountability' Platform Calls For Both More And Less Moderation, And A 'Not Fairness Doctrine' Fairness Doctrine (49)
10:40 Daily Deal: RelayThat Design App (0)
09:32 Mastercard Lays Down New Rules For Streaming Sites That Require Them To Review Content Before Publication (53)
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