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04:06 Wordpress Wins Case Against DMCA Abuser... Who Ignored The Proceedings (14)
01:02 EU's Socialist Politicians Come Out Strongly Against Corporate Sovereignty -- To A Certain Extent... (9)


21:03 Why Online Attacks By Nations Are Problematic: Enemies Can Learn From Your Digital Weapons, Then Turn Improved Versions Against You (17)
17:00 DailyDirt: Science With (And Without) Verification (12)
15:53 EFF Grabs Two More Docs From The NSA, Detailing Expanded Post-9/11 Surveillance Powers And Section 702 Justifications (6)
14:46 Macy's Trying To Keep Others From Using The Brands It Bought And Then Abandoned (17)
13:39 2 Hockey Players And Elisha Cuthbert Want Cash From A TV Station For Airing A Joke Tweet (14)
12:35 Why Even Justified Criticisms Of GNU Privacy Guard Miss The Point (44)
11:35 Theater Chains Pout, Boycott Netflix's New Movie To Protect Antiquated Release Windows (57)
10:34 Iowa College Grants Hecklers More Veto Power, Resulting In Summoning Of Campus Police To Offending 'Free Speech Wall' (39)
09:32 DOJ Invites The ATF To The War On Drugs, Grants It Power To Process Its Own 'Drug-Related' Forfeitures (29)
08:12 Clapper: The Attacks We Didn't Prevent In The Past Can't Be Prevented In The Future If Section 215 Is Allowed To Die (50)
06:07 Comcast Blocks HBO Go From Working On Playstation 4, Won't Coherently Explain Why (112)
03:59 New Anti-Corruption Social Network In Russia Requires Numerous Personal Details To Join: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (20)
00:56 European Governments Seeking To Water Down EU's Proposed Data Protection Legislation (3)


20:56 Auditor: Canadian Law Enforcement's Statistics On ISP Subscriber Data Requests Completely Unreliable (7)
17:00 DailyDirt: Messing With Mice Brains (6)
15:38 Suburban Express Changes Terms Of Service To Screw Sued College Students Out Of University-Provided Legal Aid (25)
14:24 Marsha Blackburn Rushes To The Defense Of Awful, Protectionist State Broadband Laws (32)
13:10 Last Week Was A Victory, But The Fight For The Open Internet Is Nowhere Close To Being Done (26)
12:03 How Hillary Clinton Exposed Her Emails To Foreign Spies... In Order To Hide Them From The American Public (53)
10:50 Encryption Backdoors Will Always Turn Around And Bite You In The Ass (25)
09:47 Plaintiff Awarded Damages In Default Judgment Against Censorious Dentist Who Billed Him $110,000 For His Negative Review (17)
08:35 Florida Legislators Introduce Bill That Would Strip Certain Site Owners Of Their Anonymity (47)
07:17 Breaking: Clinton Gave Staffers Addresses Too (19)
06:04 Netflix's Love Of Net Neutrality Notably Absent In Australia, Where It's Striking Cap Exempt Deals With ISPs (57)
04:04 Separate And Unequal: Gen. Petraeus Facing Mild Wrist Slap For Leaking Eight Books Full Of Classified Info To His Mistress (36)
01:00 Data Retention Enthusiast Says Those Against The Idea Just Want Everything 'Free Of Charge, Free Of Responsibility' (28)


21:00 Wyoming Governor Vetoes Asset Forfeiture Bill, Because Asset Forfeiture 'Is Right' (50)
17:00 DailyDirt: Computers Are Learning How To Play More Video Games, But They'll Never Appreciate A Good Game? (9)
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