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12:09 New Gear By Techdirt: Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants And Free Speech Pro Tip Are Now Available As Posters! (0)
10:50 Former Devin Nunes' Aide Uses Nunes' Lawyer To File SLAPP Suit Against Politico (16)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Salesforce Essentials Bundle (0)
09:49 Lawyer With Neo-Nazi Ties Loses Defamation Lawsuit Against SPLC For Calling Him A Neo-Nazi (50)
06:49 AT&T Exec Insists That No Broadband Company Is Violating Net Neutrality Even Though AT&T Is Absolutely Violating Net Neutrality (18)
03:53 Court Says It's Not Tortious Interference To Report Your Account Or Ask Twitter To Ban You (56)


20:11 Roadside Breath Tests Are Just As Unreliable As Field Drug Tests (31)
15:44 Should The Big Tech Companies Voluntarily Fund The Journalism Business? (35)
13:39 Photographer's Bullshit Arrest By A Dallas Transit Cop Nets Him A $345,000 Settlement (36)
12:01 46 Cities Sue The FCC For Trampling Their Rights (6)
10:44 Attorney General Calls FOIA Requests 'Harassment' During Long Rant About How Much It Sucks To Be Running The Nation (60)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle (3)
09:31 Masnick's Impossibility Theorem: Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible To Do Well (90)
06:28 Ajit Pai Does a Good Thing As He Pushes For Public C Band Auction (18)
03:23 Judge Says The FBI Can't Keep Refusing To Confirm Or Deny The Existence Of Social Media Monitoring Documents (14)


19:47 PSA: DirectTV Pushes Back By Mentioning All The Refunds For Blackouts Its Issued... To Customers That Asked (5)
14:46 Google's Stadia Game Streaming Service Arrives To A Collective 'Meh' (46)
12:44 Facebook Claims Users Sign Up Because They Want To See Personalized Ads, Max Schrems Disagrees -- And Usually Wins These GDPR Arguments (34)
11:01 Evangelical 'Financial Whiz' Who Apparently Hates Gossip, Sues YouTuber For Criticism (61)
10:55 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle (0)
09:33 Federal Judge Asks DEA To Explain Why All 179 Of Its Stash House Sting Targets Are Minorities (42)
06:18 Knowing What Happens Next, T-Mobile CEO Legere Heads For The Exit (11)
03:20 Interpol Confirms, Denies It's Against Strong Encryption (32)


20:02 Narcos Defeats Yet Another Silly Copyright Lawsuit (12)
15:35 Brooklyn DA's Office Latest To Release A List Of Cops It Doesn't Want Anywhere Nears Its Prosecutions (41)
13:30 New York Residents Unprotected, Served Up To Criminals By NYPD Employees (20)
12:06 Music Collection Org: Revenues Are Booming... And That's Proof Why We Need Even More Draconian Copyright Laws (53)
10:49 Supreme Court's Warrant Requirement For Cell Site Location Info Apparently Killed Another Domestic Surveillance Program (11)
10:44 Daily Deal: TR9 True Wireless Headphones with Charging Case (0)
09:47 Andrew Yang's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tech Policy (123)
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