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03:38 UN Free Speech Expert: EU's Copyright Directive Would Be An Attack On Free Speech, Violate Human Rights (14)


20:05 Danish Anti-Piracy Lawyers Jailed For Real, Actual Stealing From Copyright Holders (27)
15:29 CBP Agrees To Hand Back Almost All Of The $58,000 It Stole From A 64-Year-Old Man At A Cleveland Airport (52)
13:27 Once Again Congress Votes Proactively To Keep Itself Ignorant On Technology (33)
12:00 EU Politicians Tell European Commission To Suspend Privacy Shield Data Transfer Framework (5)
10:40 Apple Pulls Plug On Phone-Cracking Tech Vendors, Will Prevent Data Transfer From Locked Phones (44)
10:35 Daily Deal: FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds (0)
09:29 Canadian Music Industry Pitches 'You Must Be A Pirate' Tax On Smartphones (41)
06:26 Following AT&T's Lead, Comcast Makes A $65 Billion Bid For Fox (23)
03:21 European Citizens: You Stopped ACTA, But The New Copyright Directive Is Much, Much Worse: Speak Up (7)


19:36 South Carolina Drug Warriors Routinely Serving Regular Warrants Like No-Knock Warrants (71)
15:40 'Transparent' FCC Doesn't Want To Reveal Any Details About Ajit Pai's Stupid Reese's Mug (26)
13:35 State Appeals Court Finds Government's Actions In Craigslist Sex Sting 'Outrageous' And 'Repugnant' (11)
11:58 Top German Publisher Says: 'You Wouldn't Steal A Pound Of Butter... So We Need A Snippet Tax' (49)
10:44 Hey Google: Stop Trying To Patent A Compression Technique An Inventor Released To The Public Domain (40)
10:39 Daily Deal: NordVPN (0)
09:33 French President Pushing 'Fake News' Bill That Would Demand Decisions From Judges In 48 Hours (16)
06:17 Senators Wyden and Schatz Wants To Know Why The FCC Made Up A DDOS Attack (45)
03:10 UK Security Minister Says Only A Drivers Licence For The Internet Can Bring Back Online Civility (48)


19:31 Legislators Reintroduce Pro-Encryption Bills After FBI Destroys Its Own 'Going Dark' Narrative (62)
15:09 AT&T Defeats DOJ In Merger Fight, Opening The Door To Some Major Competitive Headaches (18)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 170: Are E-Scooters A Problem? (0)
12:03 High School Student's Speech About Campus Sexual Assault Gets Widespread Attention After School Cuts Her Mic (76)
10:42 Popular Spanish Soccer Mobile App Has Been Turning Users Into Piracy-Spotters Via Mobile Devices (19)
10:37 Daily Deal: The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:29 Ending The Memes: EU Copyright Directive Is No Laughing Matter (52)
06:38 Oddly The Trump FCC Doesn't Much Want To Talk About Why It Made Up A DDOS Attack (31)
03:41 EU Explores Making GDPR Apply To EU Government Bodies... But With Much Lower Fines (22)


20:12 Australian Cops Say Their Unreliable Drug Dogs Will Decide Who Gets To Attend Music Festivals (28)
15:29 More Bad Facts Making More Bad Law, This Time In Wisconsin (14)
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