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20:09 Marvel Hit Once Again By Estate For Some Spider-Man, Doctor Strange Copyright Terminations (12)
15:44 The Future Of Streaming TV Looks Increasingly Like Cable, But Free (18)
13:39 Investigation: Minneapolis Cops Responded To George Floyd's Murder By Refusing To Do Their Jobs While Still Collecting Their Paychecks (22)
12:11 Bankers As Content Moderators (3)
11:04 Clearview Tosses Subpoena To Non-Party Transparency Advocates, Demands Copies Of Communications With Journalists (4)
10:59 Daily Deal: The Premium Java Programming Certification Bundle (0)
10:00 Techdirt's 'Plagiarism Collection': A Plagiarized Set Of NFTs About Plagiarism (15)
06:27 CIA Director Mike Pompeo Touted Kidnapping, Killing Of Julian Assange In Response To Publication Of CIA Leaks (17)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (7)


12:45 This Week In Techdirt History: September 19th - 25th (3)


19:39 Italy Vows To Bring Entire Government To Bear To Oppose Croatian 'Prosek' Trademark (24)
15:43 Texas' Unconstitutional Social Media Censorship Bill Challenged In Court, Just As Texas Joins The Legal Fight For Florida's Unconstitutional Social Media Bill (49)
13:56 Minnesota Dept. Of Public Safety Now Handing Out License/Insurance Carriers In Hopes Of Keeping Cops From Killing More Drivers (82)
12:09 The Inexorable Push For Infrastructure Moderation (4)
11:01 New Report On Predictive Policing Shows How New Tech Is Giving Us Little More Than The Same Old Racism (15)
10:56 Daily Deal: The Unreal And Unity Game Development For Beginners Bundle (0)
09:50 Fossil Fuel Companies Want Governments To Pay $18 Billion For Bringing In Laws Tackling The Climate Crisis Largely Caused By Fossil Fuel Companies (20)
06:11 Apple, John Deere Investors Pressure Companies On Their Backwards Repair Policies (6)
03:10 Three Former US Intelligence Analysts Fined $1.6 Million For Helping The UAE Government Spy On Dissidents And Activists (6)


21:36 Sony Pictures, Defenders Of The Creative Industry, Appears To Be Using Fan Art Without Giving Credit (65)
15:37 Survey Suggests Eager Starlink Users Don't Understand Service Will Have Limited Reach (57)
13:35 Content Moderation Beyond Platforms: A Rubric (3)
12:13 FBI Sat On Ransomware Decryption Key For Weeks As Victims Lost Millions Of Dollars (31)
10:54 Southwest's Bizarrely Antagonistic Lawsuit To Stop Consumers From Finding Better Deals (23)
10:49 Daily Deal: The Premium Python Programming Bundle (0)
09:33 Appeals Court Says State Secrets Privilege Means NSA Can Avoid Wikimedia Foundation's Unlawful Surveillance Allegations (7)
06:33 AT&T Quickly Ditches Pledge Not To Fund Congressional Insurrectionists (12)
03:26 Massachusetts Supreme Court Being Asked To Decide Whether Cops Can Engage In Warrantless Surveillance Of Social Media Users (14)


19:40 Billy Mitchell Lets His Site Lapse, With A Critic Of His High Score Claims Swooping In To Take It Over (24)
15:28 Content Moderation Case Study: Bing Search Results Erases Images Of 'Tank Man' On Anniversary Of Tiananmen Square Crackdown (2021) (33)
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