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12:05 House Staples Extraterritorial Search Permissions Onto 2,232-Page Budget Bill; Passes It (27)
10:44 Wherein Facebook Loses Recess For Everyone (42)
10:39 Daily Deal: Virtual Training Company (0)
09:33 Sheriff Caught Buying Property With Jail Food Funds, Has Tipster Who Turned Him In Arrested (23)
06:32 Facebook Working With Comcast To Scuttle California Broadband Privacy Protections (12)
03:30 Mark Zuckerberg Finally Speaks About Cambridge Analytica; It Won't Be Enough (27)


17:55 As Expected Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Unconstitutional SESTA Bill, Putting Lives In Danger (59)
15:27 ProPublica's Reporting Error Shows Why The Government Must Declassify Details Of Gina Haspel's Role In CIA Torture (44)
13:25 Russian Court Says Telegram Must Hand Over Encryption Keys To State Intelligence Service (28)
11:55 Appeals Court Says It's Okay To Copyright An Entire Style Of Music (51)
10:38 How 'Regulating Facebook' Could Make Everyone's Concerns Worse, Not Better (57)
10:33 Daily Deal: The Project Management Professional Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:25 Facebook Has Many Sins To Atone For, But 'Selling Data' To Cambridge Analytica Is Not One Of Them (22)
06:20 If You're Pissed About Facebook's Privacy Abuses, You Should Be Four Times As Angry At The Broadband Industry (86)
03:23 YouTuber Who Trained His Girlfriend's Dog To Be A Nazi Facing Hate Crime Charges In Scotland (50)


19:33 Photographer Tutorial Company Reacts To Pirates By Screwing With Them Hilariously (28)
15:47 Tempe Police Chief Indicates The Uber Self-Driving Car Probably Isn't At Fault In Pedestrian Death (102)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 159: What Does It Mean For Social Media To Be Held Accountable? (3)
11:58 EU's Mandatory Copyright Content Filter Is The Zombie That Just Never Dies (27)
10:45 DOJ Readying Warrants In Carter Page Investigation For Public Release (17)
10:40 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle (0)
09:18 Did Facebook Violate SESTA By Promoting Child Abuse Videos? (24)
06:19 The Cable Industry Is Quietly Securing A Massive Monopoly Over American Broadband (33)
03:21 Cops Wanting To Track Movements Of Hundreds Of People Are Turning To Google For Location Records (35)


19:47 Crowdfunded OpenSCHUFA Project Wants To Reverse-Engineer Germany's Main Credit-Scoring Algorithm (9)
15:30 As Video Games Are In Presidential Crosshairs, New Study Again Shows They Don't Affect Behavior (97)
13:40 Pedestrian Deaths By Car In Phoenix Area Last Week: 11. But One Was By A Self-Driving Uber (107)
11:57 The Future The FBI Wants: Secure Phones For Criminals, Broken Encryption For Everyone Else (42)
10:32 Hollywood's Behind-The-Scenes Support For SESTA Is All About Filtering The Internet (33)
10:27 Daily Deal: Muse -- Alexa Voice Assistant for Cars (0)
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