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15:44 Lawsuit Argues Honking Your Car Horn Is Protected By The First Amendment (52)
13:33 Broadcasters Hope To Counter Ad Skipping By Replacing Ads With Short 'Inspirational Videos' (44)
11:58 In A Surprising Decision, European Court Of Human Rights Says Sweden's Mass Surveillance Is Fine (14)
10:40 Activism & Doxing: Stephen Miller, ICE And How Internet Platforms Have No Good Options (79)
10:35 Daily Deal: Audio Cassette to MP3 Music Converter (5)
09:33 Alleged Vault 7 Leaker Charged With Stealing Gov't Secrets, Child Porn Possession, And Copyright Infringement? (21)
06:30 AT&T Successfully Derails California's Tough New Net Neutrality Law (102)
03:23 Court Says Probation Violations By Teen Don't Justify On-Demand Warrantless Searches Of His Electronics (20)


19:38 China's Latest Censorship Crackdown Target: Videos Of Women Rubbing, Kissing And Licking Binaural Microphones (17)
15:34 Minnesota's Vague Ban On 'Political' Wear At Polling Places Shut Down By The Supreme Court (13)
13:36 Warner Bros. Turns Harry Potter Fan Events Into Events For The Franchise That Must Not Be Named (46)
12:02 Sprint, T-Mobile to FCC: Our Job Killing, Competition Eroding Megamerger Will Create Jobs & Competition (16)
10:43 EU Parliamentary Committee Votes To Put American Internet Giants In Charge Of What Speech Is Allowed Online (39)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle (2)
09:20 Net Neutrality And The Broken Windows Fallacy (63)
06:18 Wireless Carriers Hope You Won't Notice Their Location Data Scandal Makes The Facebook, Cambridge Fracas Look Like Amateur Hour (47)
03:20 ISPs Lobbying California Lawmakers In Bid To Weaken State's Looming Net Neutrality Law (17)


19:33 More Taco Tuesday Trademark Stupidity, This Time Down Under (14)
15:37 President Trump Directs Pentagon To Create A 'Space Force' In What Is Surely Not Any Kind Of Distraction From Crying Children (176)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 171: Debating Steam's New Hands-Off Policy (3)
11:57 Think The GDPR Only Regulates Big Internet Companies? The EU Says It Regulates You Too. (20)
10:44 Boston Globe Posts Hilarious Fact-Challenged Interview About Regulating Google, Without Any Acknowledgement Of Errors (37)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi 3B Starter Kit (0)
09:35 Judge Cock(y)blocks Author Faleena Hopkins' Demand Other Authors Stop Using The Word 'Cocky' In Their Titles (24)
06:25 Ajit Pai Now Trying To Pretend That Everybody Supported Net Neutrality Repeal (63)
03:19 Dear EU Parliament: Why Are You About To Allow US Internet Companies To Decide What EU Citizens Can Say Online? (28)


19:48 Open Source Industry Australia Says Zombie TPP Could Destroy Free Software Licensing (23)
15:30 UK Lawmaker Who Quizzed Facebook On Its Privacy Practices Doesn't Seem To Care Much About His Own Website's Privacy Practices (12)
13:39 Section 230 Can't Save Snapchat From Lawsuit Involving Its 'Speed Filter' (28)
11:57 French Political Party Voting For Mandatory Copyright Filters Is Furious That Its YouTube Channel Deleted By Filter (48)
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