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15:30 Turns Out Lots Of People Want To Play The CIA's Card Game (13)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 164: Getting News Without Social Media (9)
11:55 State Appeals Court Upholds Criminal Conviction For Twitter Harassment Targeting An Autistic Student (30)
10:42 Comcast-Owned MSNBC Blasted For 8 Minute 'News' Love Letter to Comcast (25)
10:37 Daily Deal: The Complete Six Sigma Training Bundle (0)
09:33 Could The DOJ Be Violating SESTA/FOSTA? (29)
06:29 No, Net Neutrality Isn't Officially Dead (Yet), And The FCC Is Stalling For A Reason (20)
03:28 Australian Gov't Scooped Up Tons Of Cell Site Location Data To Track Citizens' Movements (10)


19:43 Want To Blog In Tanzania, Or Read Social Media In Uganda? Pay The Government, Please (7)
15:46 Patent Troll That Sued EFF And Lost... Now Loses Its Bullshit Patent As Well (14)
13:39 It's Thanks To The Pirate Community That Amazon's Attempt To Degrade Its Streaming Service Is Now Public (43)
12:03 DOJ Investigating AT&T, Verizon for Making It Harder To Switch Wireless Carriers (14)
10:43 L.A. Lawmakers Looking To Take Legal Action Against Google For Not Solving Long-Running City Traffic Problems (50)
10:38 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want The 2018 Machine Learning Bundle (0)
09:29 Facebook Derangement Syndrome: Don't Blame Facebook For Company Scraping Public Info (22)
06:23 The Washington Post Thinks Overpaying For Broadband Bundles Is A Hoot (63)
03:23 The FBI's War On Encryption Is Personal, According To Comey's New Book (29)


18:38 In 'N Out Uses A Bullshit Pop-Up Every Five Years Strategy Just To Lock Up Its Australian Trademark (36)
14:33 Judge Agrees: Perfectly Fine For Google To Deny Ad Placement For 'Honey Cures Cancer' Claims (44)
12:27 It's Spreading: Lindsey Graham Now Insisting 'Fairness Doctrine' Applies To The Internet (58)
10:39 We Interrupt The News Again With Hopefully The Last Update From The Monkey Selfie Case (45)
10:34 Daily Deal: iMazing 2 Universal License for Mac And Windows (1)
09:00 The CIA Made A Card Game... And We're Releasing It (37)
06:26 Lawmakers Ask FBI Why It Isn't Getting Busy Cracking Its Stockpile Of Seized Smartphones (29)
03:27 Apple Sued An Independent Norwegian Repair Shop In Bid To Monopolize Repair -- And Lost (47)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (35)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: April 15th - 21st (11)


19:39 Democratic National Committee's Lawsuit Against Russians, Wikileaks And Various Trump Associates Full Of Legally Nutty Arguments (136)
15:33 Michael Cohen Drops Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Buzzfeed After Buzzfeed Sought Stormy Daniels' Details (4)
13:30 How Twitter Suspended The Account Of One Of Our Commenters... For Offending Himself? (89)
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