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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.
stories about: "apple"

Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

Filed Under:
doj, encryption, fbi, james comey


(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Leigh Beadon

Filed Under:
encryption, fbi, iphone


Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
crack, doj, fbi, iphone, syed farook, vulnerability


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12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: February 4th - 10th (7)


19:39 Twitter & Facebook Want You To Follow The Olympics... But Only If The IOC Gives Its Stamp Of Approval (45)
15:34 Hollywood Has Some Wild Ideas For Copyright In NAFTA (25)
13:24 Trust Building As A Platform For Creative Businesses (3)
11:55 Washington's Growing AI Anxiety (43)
10:40 Cloud Communications Service Twilio Releases Two NSLs Sprung From Their Gag Order Cages (0)
10:35 Daily Deal: Sid Meier's Civilization VI (1)
09:38 ICE Wants To Be Yet Another Federal Agency With Access To Unminimized Surveillance (31)
06:27 ESPN Still Isn't Quite Getting The Message Cord Cutters Are Sending (48)
03:23 Techdirt, Volokh Conspiracy Targeted With Bogus Defamation Claim For Publishing A Bunch Of Facts (26)


19:51 An English-Language, Algorithmically-Personalized News Aggregator, Based In China -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (21)
15:58 Blizzard Still Trying To Take Down WoW Vanilla Fan Servers While Refusing To Offer A Competing Product (34)
13:56 Commercial Content Moderation And Worker Wellness: Challenges & Opportunities (3)
12:34 Mike Godwin Remembers John Perry Barlow (11)
10:40 The Nunes Memo Has Effectively Destroyed Intelligence Oversight (201)
10:35 Daily Deal: Ultimate Web Development eBook and Course Bundle (0)
09:26 End Of An Era: Saying Goodbye To John Perry Barlow (6)
06:28 FCC Refuses To Release FOIA Documents Pertaining To Its Stupid Verizon 'Collusion' Joke (39)
03:26 Judge Tells CIA It Can't Hand Classified Info To Journalists And Pretend The Info Hasn't Been Made Public (10)


19:34 Moosehead Breweries Cuts And Runs From Trademark Suit Against Hop 'N Moose Brewing (6)
15:33 Director Of Thor: Ragnarok Pirated Clips For His Sizzle Reel (42)
13:32 Why (Allegedly) Defamatory Content On WordPress.com Doesn't Come Down Without A Court Order (32)
12:00 New Jersey The Latest State To Protect Net Neutrality By Executive Order (28)
10:39 Single-Pixel Tracker Leads Paranoid Turkish Authorities To Wrongly Accuse Over 10,000 People Of Treason (26)
10:34 Daily Deal: PocketSmith Subscriptions (1)
09:00 On The Internet, Everyone Is A Creator (19)
06:28 FCC Report Falsely Claims Killing Net Neutrality Already Helping Broadband Competition (67)
03:25 Court Shuts Down Trooper's Attempt To Portray New-ish Minivans With Imperfect Drivers As Justification For A Traffic Stop (163)


19:27 BrewDog Beats Back Trademark Action From The Elvis Presley Estate (25)
15:33 Classified Cabinet Docs Leak Down Under Via An Actual Cabinet Sale... Just As Aussies Try To Outlaw Leaking (22)
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