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17:00 DailyDirt: The Growing Pains Of Biofuels (11)
15:42 IP Sanity: Boston Strong Trademark Applications Denied (11)
14:34 Police Chief: Not Wanting To Talk To Police Officers Is 'Odd' (79)
13:16 NYPD Failed At Social Media This Time, But They Reacted Like Adults To That Failure (14)
12:15 LG/Netflix Rebate Site Exposes User Data With AT&T-Esque Hole [Updated] (15)
11:09 Google Appeals Moronic Court Order Demanding It Hunt Down Third Party Sites And 'Take' Offending Content 'Back' (57)
10:12 Why Do So Many People Describe Aereo 'Complying' With Copyright Law As The Company 'Circumventing' Copyright Law? (95)
09:05 Why Is The DOJ Gagging Twitter And Yahoo Concerning Grand Jury Subpoenas? (6)
07:47 Quentin Tarantino Loses Big In Trying To Paint Gawker As A Copyright Infringer (26)
05:43 Five Illinois Cops Are Caught Lying On The Stand When Defense Produces A Recording Contradicting Their Testimony (82)
03:41 Protests Mount Against Mexico's Proposed Telecommunications Law, Which Would Bring In Censorship, Allow Real-time Surveillance And Kill Net Neutrality (7)
00:20 UK Filters And The Slippery Slope Of Mass Censorship (46)


20:17 NIST Finally Removes NSA-Compromised Crypto Algorithm From Random Number Generator Recommendations (14)
17:00 DailyDirt: Creepy, Crawly Robots (2)
15:59 Intellectual Ventures Big Case Shut Down By Judge Over Completely Bogus Patents (32)
14:59 US Promoting Mesh Networks; Reporters Misleadingly Think They Somehow Stop Digital Spying (8)
14:01 Supreme Court Discussion In Aereo: At Least The Justices Recognize The Harm They Might Do (88)
13:13 Chutzpah: John Steele To Court: What, You Think I Would Lie, Cheat And Break The Law? Come On! (49)
12:11 Revolving Door: MPAA Hires Chief USTR Negotiator Behind ACTA And TPP's IP Chapter (21)
11:06 Copyright Maximalists' Incredible Sense Of Entitlement: If It Challenges The Biz Model We Chose, It Must Be Illegal (47)
10:05 Turkey's Prime Minister Sues His Own Country Over Twitter (10)
09:08 Police File On Student 'Bullied Into Committing Suicide' Strangely Lacking In Evidence Of Bullying (36)
07:53 James Clapper Bans Intelligence Community From Basically Any Interaction With Nearly Anyone With A Social Media Account (20)
05:39 Time Warner Cable's Contractual Loophole Allows It To Tell Local Politicians It Has Received Zero Complaints (19)
03:38 Court Says DOJ Must Release Memo That Justifies Drone Killing Of US Citizen (13)
00:15 NY Times Changes Its Tune On TPP; Highlights Cronyism, Lack Of Transparency As Problems (11)


20:11 German Politicians Hit Back At USTR Criticisms Of European Cloud Idea (11)
17:00 DailyDirt: Bringing Back The Undead (7)
15:38 Putin's 'Clapper' Moment: What He Said Vs. What Russian Intelligence Actually Does (13)
14:15 9/11 Trial Grinds To A Halt As Evidence Surfaces That FBI Subverted Attorney-Client Privilege (31)
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