by Todd

BDC Launches Web-only Bank

from the Tallest-Midget-In-The-Circus dept

This is a shocker to me, Mr. Financial Services: Bank One launched a bank for the first time in their history (they have only ever acquired banks since their own inception), they launched it under a new brand, and it is web-only. This "big-dumb-company" has made some incredible strides (though on a personal note, they need to "un-midwesternize" their call center, as you invariably get several doses of the southern/midwestern "Thank yuuuuuuuu" from anyone you talk to). It will be very interesting to see how aggressively they market this, as they've got some mighty deep pockets.

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    Mike (profile), 25 Jun 1999 @ 11:43am

    Well, I've already seen a commercial...

    I saw this announcement yesterday and thought it was pretty interesting as well. I was really surprised that they decided to go with an entirely separate brand, but they might have a point. It seems that a lot of people pretty much expect newer startups to be better at this sort of thing than the old brick-and-mortars. Also, a lot of people I know who have had experience with brick-and-mortars doing online banking have pointed out they don't know what the hell they're doing.

    Also of interest, while vegging out in front of the TV last night (hey, it has to happen sometimes), I saw a commercial for Wingspan, so they're obviously not wasting any time getting the message out.

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