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    Vincent W. Yin, May 13th, 1999 @ 7:24am

    Why would you want a robot dog?

    I'm curious that this submitter thinks a robot dog is neat but that Iridium was destined to be a failure. Personally, I like the idea of being able to communicate from almost anywhere in the globe. On the other hand, if I wanted a pet, I'd get a real dog. It can learn tricks just as well as a robotic one can. There are millions of unwanted dogs in the US alone, why not do one a favour and give it a good home? I remember reading that there are more dogs in the US than there are people (sorry, can't attribute this). If true, this means that there are MANY homeless dogs (and cats) since obvioiusly, not everyone is a pet owner.

    Give me mobile communications over mechanical pets any day! (well, unless it's as cool as Boxy[sp?] from Battlestar Galactica )

    p.s. Is there any way to save my login so that I don't have to keep typing my name?

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    Mike (profile), May 13th, 1999 @ 11:20am

    Re: Why would you want a robot dog?

    Okay, clarification: I don't think the robotic dogs are "neat". I clearly said they're amusing. I can't believe people would waste their time creating a realistic robotic dog, either. I understand that real dogs can learn tricks, and that's why I thought it was funny that people went through all this trouble, including making software that taught the dog new tricks (a play on the "can't teach old dog new tricks" line)...

    As for Iridium, I have no problem with mobile global communications. I think it's a useful idea too. I just think the Iridium implementation was so full of hubris it's ridiculous. I mean they built this incredibly expensive system with no real understanding of technology trends (making cell phones more ubiquitous around the world) or market acceptance. From the beginning people have pointed out that a $3,000 phone the size of a brick where calls will cost anywhere from $1 to $9 a minute has a VERY limited audience, whereas cell phones, despite their geographic limitations are "good enough" for most people. Yet the jokers at Iridium plowed on believing their own hype. It has been a huge failure, and it comes from not understanding the market...

    Sorry if I was unclear. As for saving a log in, it's something we're thinking about. If you choose the "save me a cookie" option that should solve the having to retype your name issue, without putting stress on our database. However, if the demand keeps up, we'll probably do it at some point.

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    Jax, Sep 23rd, 2000 @ 12:40am

    Re: Why would you want a robot dog?

    What about those of us who are allergic to dogs or cats or if our parents are:*{

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    jackie, Nov 30th, 2006 @ 11:01am

    sony dog

    I would love to purchase a mechanical dog from

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