Supporters Of Article 13 Briefly Tried To Move Parliament Vote Up Before Scheduled Protests; Now Deny Plan That They Clearly Had

from the so-many-lies dept

Despite following this stuff for decades, sometimes even I'm surprised at the levels of intellectual dishonesty coming from those supporting bad copyright policy. The latest is that, despite widespread controversy and criticism over Article 13, some in the EU Parliament thought the appropriate strategy was to speed up the timeline to the vote on the Directive -- specifically holding the vote before a massive EU-wide protest that is planned for March 23. Rather than recognize that millions of people across the EU are so up in arms over the problems in Articles 11 and 13, German Member of the EU Parliament, Manfred Weber, the leader of the powerful European People's Party (EPP) simply proposed voting before the protests could even happen.

Of course, after this started getting some attention, the EPP was forced to deny that it supported such a plan, leaving MEP Julia Reda to reveal that she'd kept the receipts, namely revealing the memo sent out by the EPP Group to hold the vote within the next two weeks:

It's good that they backed off, but just the fact that they started, at least quietly, trying to push through such a vote shows exactly how scared supporters of the EU Copyright Directive are becoming. And that's all the more reason why, if you're based in Europe, you should be (a) contacting your MEP, and (b) getting out there and participating in various protests on March 23.

Update: And, of course, now there are reports that despite denying any such plan, the EPP Group has not actually withdrawn its request to move the vote up:

So it's still possible that the vote could be rushed...

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    Scary Devil Monastery (profile), 6 Mar 2019 @ 7:16am

    Re: 'Well, guess we'll just go home then...'

    "As I noted before, it's like they are trying to get people to break out the torches and pitchforks."

    ...and when you consider that the very same thing happened when their shenanigans around ACTA went out of control, you sort of have to wonder just how deeply the EU bureaucrats despise the errant herd of sheep they consider the voting citizenry to be.

    I think the key issue here is that since they weren't drawn and quartered the first time around they've guessed that no matter how low they go it's not as if they'll encounter any career difficulties, let alone criminal prosecutions over consistently lying to the public in open forums.

    Historically speaking the torches and pitchforks usually emerge once the ruling elite, encouraged by several times of getting away with it, finally fuck up just that one time too many.

    The end of the british empire was quick, but came at the end of the Indian Common Salt Tax, the US Tea Tax, and assorted other patronizing shenanigans in the colonies.

    The EU isn't going to survive for long, given that the leadership consists of patronizing douchebags all sharing the control-freak mentality of every previous would-be european "unifier". While having all the hallmarks of progressive liberalism of a vintage 1960 soviet politburo.

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