Techdirt Podcast Episode 200: The (Big?) Business Of Podcasting

from the that's-a-lot-of-podcasts dept

We can hardly believe it, but as of this moment we've released 200 episodes of the Techdirt podcast! For this milestone, we've brought the increasingly-rare original team of co-hosts back together for a bit of a meta-episode all about podcasts — specifically, the recent news that Spotify has acquired Gimlet Media for the impressive and, to many, surprising sum of $230-million. Mike joined by Dennis Yang and Hersh Reddy to discuss what Spotify might be up to, and just how big the podcasting business really is.

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Filed Under: acquisition, business models, podcast, podcasting
Companies: gimlet, spotify

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  1. identicon
    Prinny, 19 Feb 2019 @ 8:07pm

    The talk of "serialized audiobooks" made me think of Graphic Audio, dood. Have you seen any of their stuff? They aren't exactly what the co-host was asking for, but they're a big step in that direction.

    They take audiobooks to the next level. Their tagline is "a movie in your mind," and that's exactly what they deliver, dood! Each character has his own voice actor, there are sound effects and an original musical score and everything! When you listen to something that's already written in a really cinematic style, like Mistborn or The Stormlight Archive, the final product is really amazing. And each book is broken up into multiple episodes for easier consumption. Not podcast length; more like 7-8 hours each, but still, it's about the closest you'll see to what they were talking about on here, dood!

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