One Final Reminder: Public Domain Game Jam Ends In Two Days

from the come-join-in dept

Gaming Like It's 1923: The Newly Public Domain Game Jam

Okay, we've got one last reminder that our Gaming Like It's 1923 public domain game jam ends in just two days. It's another chance to celebrate the fact that the US finally (years too late) has allowed works from 1923 to return to the public domain where they belong. We've already got over a dozen amazing entries in the contest with a nice mix of different types of games, all utilizing some newly public domain works, and building off of them to create something fun and new. You can check out the existing entries or come up with your own. And for those of you who have already been working on your games, don't forget to submit them by the end of the month (Pacific Time) where they'll be reviewed by our all-star panel of game developers and copyright experts...

Filed Under: 1923, game jam, public domain

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