Techdirt Podcast Episode 138: When Godwin's Law Met The Streisand Effect

from the chance-encounters dept

On Friday, we posted video from last week's World Hosting Days, in which Mike Masnick sat down for a talk with Mike Godwin — a.k.a. the originator of "the Streisand Effect" meeting the creator of "Godwin's Law". As promised, we've got the audio from the event for this week's podcast, so if you haven't watched the video (or you just want to revisit it) tune in for a fun discussion about the history and changing meaning of these now-famous terms.

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    mermaldad (profile), 20 Sep 2017 @ 4:16am

    mermaldad's mashup

    "In the absence of knowledge of the Streisand Effect, a lawyer's threats when attempting to suppress information on the Internet will approach the policies of Hitler and the Nazis."

    You heard it here, folks (unless you didn't; I didn't bother to check).

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