Techdirt Podcast Episode 131: Is The Economy More Important Than Democracy?

from the or-vice-versa dept

The economy is important — very important. But is that because it matters in and of itself, or because it's the engine for achieving the things we really do care about? Here at Techdirt we've always been strong advocates of the free market, but we've never been absolutists about things like regulation, and we believe it's very important to explore these issues in detail. This week on the podcast we're joined by James Allworth, co-host of the Exponent podcast and author of a recent post entitled Prioritizing Economics is Crippling the U.S. Economy, to discuss entrepreneurship, democracy, the economy and more.

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  • identicon
    Hugo, 27 Jul 2017 @ 3:11am

    Its almost all good

    Hi Mike et al,

    You explicitly asked for feedback, so here is mine.

    Firstly, I've listened to almost every episode for
    over a year. I dont subscribe, because your third
    party distributors dont need to know that I am interested,
    and I know your publishing schedule.

    Needless to say, I am a fan :)

    >> Its about the ideas + guest interplay

    Your best podcasts involve you as host and one guest
    exploring some idea.

    Conversely, your worst are yourself + "the usual cohort"
    wobbling on about whatever. Its not always bad.

    Sometimes interesting interaction ensues. However episode
    130 was a nadir with people shouting over each other
    and little substantive interaction on what was a
    potentially very interesting topic. I note that my
    critical feedback was not approved (which is fine;
    your site, you get to curate feedback).

    Keep it up, and best of luck with the Anti-SLAPP crap.


    PS: Note that the redirect links from you RSS feed terminate download about half way through the download (this week) independently of whether I'm using Tor (my preference) or "all network intermediaries can watch everything" (http).

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  • identicon
    Hugo, 27 Jul 2017 @ 3:32am

    Dammit ; comment addendum

    In this excellent episode, I think the gold award goes to the guest explaining that a social safety net softens the blow of business/industrial churn which the innovation at which the US is so good necessarily causes.

    There, in one sentence, is the holding of two seemingly contradictory ideas showing how they support each other.

    An episode, rich with *nuance*.

    Nice, Hugo

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