More Legislators Jump On The 'Blue Lives Matter' Bandwagon

from the still-plenty-more-'stupid'-in-the-Congressional-storerooms dept

Not wanting to be outdone by idiots in Congress, two idiot senators from the great state of Texas* are pushing their own "Blue Lives Matter" legislation. Senators Cruz and Cornyn have (re)introduced the Backed and Blown "Back the Blue Act," which adds mandatory minimums to any act of violence against most government officials. Oh, and for extra fun, automatic death penalty considerations for anyone charged under this act.

*Federal law requires the descriptor "great state of" to be appended to any state name, but especially Texas.

I'll get out of the way and allow Senator Cornyn to toot his own horn:

“Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve families across Texas. Violent criminals who deliberately target those who protect and serve our communities should face swift and tough penalties and the Back the Blue Act sends that clear message. Every day, and particularly during National Police Week, we must give the men and women in blue our unparalleled support,” Sen. Cornyn said.

You hear that, you bunch of ungrateful Americans? No matter how many citizens are gunned down for holding game controllers or toddlers torched by carelessly-tossed flashbang grenades, these fine men and women are to be given "unparalleled support." They apparently "deserve" it -- a term that must be wholly divorced from the process of earning it.

Cruz and Cornyn's 2016 attempt died from a lack of attention, perhaps overshadowed by the DOJ's endless stream of scathing reports on police misconduct. With a new "tough on crime" DOJ boss at the helm and the DOJ's civil rights division neutered, the political climate seems a tad more receptive to glorifying government employees as lowercase-g gods. (But gods nonetheless.)

Several legislators have joined the two senators in stumping for underprotected government employees. Rep. Ted Poe (also of Texas) has plenty to say about the bill at his personal blog. He's all for it, naturally, but more importantly, he summarizes the harsh new penalties awaiting anyone who threatens, injures, kills, or conspires to do any of the above to a law enforcement officer.

Creates a new federal crime for killing, attempting to kill, or conspiring to kill a federal judge, federal law enforcement officer, or federally funded public safety officer. The offender would be subject to the death penalty and a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years if death results; the offender would otherwise face a minimum sentence of 10 years.

Creates a new federal crime for assaulting a federally funded law enforcement officer with escalating penalties, including mandatory minimums, based on the extent of any injury and the use of a dangerous weapon. However, no prosecution can be commenced absent certification by the Attorney General that prosecution is appropriate.

Creates a new federal crime for interstate flight from justice to avoid prosecution for killing, attempting to kill, or conspiring to kill a federal judge, federal law enforcement officer, or federally funded public safety officer. The offender would be subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for this offense.

Take a good look at the middle stipulation. This means pretty much every law enforcement officer in the nation will be covered by this law, instantly subjecting people who do nothing more than assault an officer (aka, resisting arrest, contempt of cop, etc.) to federal punishments. Almost every law enforcement agency in the nation receives some sort of federal funding. This bill would yank prosecutions out of locals' hands and, presumably, separate defendants from less-harsh local laws.

The bill also allows law enforcement officers (including those whose agencies are the recipients of federal funding) to carry weapons into places citizens can't. Nothing like adding an extra right to a long list of extra punishments.

This chaser would put two "Blue Lives Matter" bills in play, giving Congress multiple ways to make policing worse. Considering the Go Team Blue attitude on display at the White House, these bills have a home team advantage and a president dying to sign a few more citizens' rights and liberties away on behalf of law enforcement.

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  1. identicon
    Chuck, 27 May 2017 @ 10:50pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    On the one hand, you should never feed trolls.

    On the other're just too tasty to pass up the opportunity.

    Let's start with your supposed evidence, shall we? The story about Ms. Warren is false on more levels than most can count, but I'll try. First, Ms. Warren never claimed that she was Native American. (Not that you care, but Indian refers to someone from India, not the people who originally owned America before white people, my people, stole it from them at gunpoint.) She said she stood with the Native Americans protesting the oil sands pipeline being forcibly routed through their land. Much like I stand with the victims of the police. I am neither black nor unarmed, but that doesn't mean I automatically lack any sympathy (it's one of those human emotions, if you didn't know) for those who are unarmed, black, and very very dead under circumstances that could be described GENEROUSLY as "suspicious." I mean, they'd be less suspicious if the body cameras cops have been forced to wear didn't miraculously turn off or malfunction the one time in thousands when they kill someone, but alas, that's police accountability for ya. (Yanno, what this article is actually about, not Elizabeth Warren or Shiva or anyone else.)

    Second, you cited Hannity. You literally couldn't cite a more biased source if you tried. You could cite hundreds who are EQUALLY biased, true, but none more. It's hard to take any claim from Mr. Hannity with any seriousness. The fact that a supposed journalist (hint: Hannity is no journalist) can cite nothing more than a twitter post as a source should've tipped you off.

    Speaking of journalism, let's go there. Have you ever noticed how every "fake news" (i.e. ACTUAL FACTS) outlet notes that they reached out for comment to the subject of their story? There's a reason for that. Response or not, asking the subject of your story to comment is a demonstration that you are willing to ask BOTH sides of the story to try to ascertain the truth. The mere fact that Hannity, Beck, and their ilk almost never bother to ASK the subject of their hit pieces for their comment is simply proof that they are well aware their "news" is of less value than 1-ply toilet paper. Or in plainer English: it proves they have no interest in even APPEARING to be non-biased.

    And why would they? With an audience of people like yourself refreshing their web sites and waiting to gobble up the next wholly fabricated headline - and immediately regurgitate it to all your "liberal friends" (who, I assure you, are only your "friends" because they have to be. Gary who works for you seriously doesn't give a sh*t, but he needs the minimum wage you pay him to, yanno, eat.) With such an massive following so hungry for their daily load of crap, they must be straining their imaginations to the brink of collapse to come up with the outlandish yarns they write for you.

    But then again, they make so much money selling you survivalist foodstuffs and cashing kickback checks from the NRA that I'm sure the money is more than worth their time. And their souls. Assuming they ever had souls, that is.

    Now please, go away before I have to make this truly embarrassing for you.

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