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It's been nearly a year since we started offering Techdirt t-shirts, hoodies and more on Teespring, and in that time we've seen quite a few tweets showing off some great photos (and one video!) of the gear upon arrival or out in the wild. Since we've just put most of last year's designs back in the store — and since we're gearing up to launch a new design next week — I figured it might be time to show off some of those photos and encourage those of you who already have Techdirt gear, or are getting it soon, to share new ones!

Most recently, a few folks have been tweeting photos of our I Invented Email gear, including one of our favourite parody accounts...

...and a data-loving Techdirt fan...

...and FIRE's Sarah McLaughlin:

But the best is when we get to see Techdirt gear truly in action, like when Keith Lee rocked a Takedown t-shirt for an interview on a law show:

(You can watch the episode here, though you won't see much of the t-shirt.)

And here's a video of Brett Haddock in a Nerd Harder t-shirt (the only classic design that hasn't returned yet, but stay tuned!) asking his congressman about his stance on encryption:

It's also nice to know that our gear might occasionally break the ice between strangers, such as this completely random encounter on the streets of Dublin, Ireland:

Of course, what I really want to see is an encounter between two strangers who are both wearing Copying Is Not Theft gear. But the only candidate we've spotted so far lives in North Dakota:

If you feel a little left out after all of that, then it might be time to head to the Techdirt Gear store on Teespring and treat yourself! And if you do, or you already have, tweet a photo or video and tag @Techdirt so we see it — especially if you're doing something fitting like grilling a politician, or for that matter grilling a nice steak.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 17 Mar 2017 @ 7:28pm

    Well, well. I look in after year and a half on the very day Masnick has a new "study" at the moribund "Copia" site!

    Prepare yourselves for a thrill...

    The Genetic Resources of Finland

    A Data Innovation Case Study
    Added on March 17, 2016

    And the prior one was:

    The Carrot Or The Stick?

    Innovation vs. Anti-Piracy Enforcement
    Added on October 8, 2015

    And that one got all of 2 Comments

    So now I know how Masnick is spending his time: obviously playing a lot of "fantasy football".

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