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This week, our top spot on the insightful side goes to frequent winner That One Guy for a thorough response to the bizarre pimping charges against Backpage executives:

Going after the site is easy, the contact information is public, you can file a lawsuit and have it served to them with minimal trouble, as everyone is known ahead of time.

Going after the people actually responsible for breaking the law though, that takes work. They need to chase down leads, investigate details, gather evidence, all of this is time consuming and might end up getting them nothing.

If you want to find those breaking the laws and stop them from doing it again, you work with the sites to find them. A smart cop/prosecutor should absolutely love sites like Backpage, I mean where else can they get potential criminals practically writing out confessions of their crimes and attaching contact info to said confessions?

If all you care about is getting a bunch of PR for being 'tough on crime' though then you go after the site(s). If you're lucky you shut them down and drive the criminals to an even less visible site/service. Sure it makes actually finding the criminals harder, but 'out of sight is out of mind', if it's harder to see then you can spin it as being less prevalent when you boast about how you 'struck a blow against criminal activity'.

Given what the two are doing in bringing this case it's not hard to see where their priorities actually are, and it's not with those they pretend to be so very concerned with helping.

In second place, we've got another comment fixture. It's Ninja with thoughts on the ongoing revelations about Yahoo's collaboration with the NSA and FBI:

As if Yahoo needed any more nail in its coffin. And it will spill in other companies as the article notes. The US Govt via their intel are dismantling any and all trust people had on their companies. One has to wonder how much it has already cost. In the end, no terrorist has ever done as much damage as the Govt itself did to the country be it by eroding Constitutional rights or directly by driving people away from doing business with the US.

For editor's choice on the insightful side, we start out with an anonymous comment applying the language from a recent ruling against software patents to a critically broken part of copyright:

[T]he Constitution protects the right to receive information and ideas. . . . This right to receive information and ideas, regardless of their social worth, is fundamental to our free society.” Stanley v. Georgia, 394 U.S. 557, 564 (1969) (citations omitted). Patents, which function as government-sanctioned monopolies, invade core First Amendment rights when they are allowed to obstruct the essential channels of scientific, economic, and political discourse.
Can this be applied to the circumvention clause in the DMCA?

Next, we've got a simple and excellent anonymous response to Trump's lawsuit threats over Clinton campaign ads:

I don't understand how someone with the thinnest skin in the world can run for the most criticized position in the world.

Over on the funny side, our first place winner is DannyB, who further examined the situation with Clinton's campaign ads and uncovered a highly amusing paradox of sorts:

If Clinton's ads are truthful, then I agree they are protected.

But many of Clinton's ads use Trumps OWN WORDS.

Therefore, they cannot possibly be true. :-) And are subject to a lawsuit.

In second place, we've got a comment from That Anonymous Coward about the latest in Digital Homicide's implosion, specifically their hopes of getting their court filing fees refunded:

Funny that seems how many of their customers felt...

For editor's choice on the funny side, we start out with an anonymous comment on the same subject, this time making a joke that I'm shocked I haven't actually heard anyone make yet:

More like Digital Suicide...

Finally, after a commenter in our discussion about Trump's tax returns claimed that it was only an issue because of the "liberal media", Thad served up a delightfully deadpan response that says it all:

Yes, the tradition for presidential candidates to disclose their taxes was started by noted liberal Richard Nixon.

That's all for this week, folks!

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  1. icon
    art guerrilla (profile), 11 Oct 2016 @ 6:18am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "Bot h sides are horrible if you ask me. This two party system of ours has resulted in a divided country, and hateful people. We are so busy pointing fingers at the opposition, that we forget our own contribution to the problem. How about we stop pointing fingers and start fixing ourselves first?"

    Bwa ha ha ha haaa, Smithers, the plan is working perrrrrr-fectly.

    that's richtig, kampers, the divide-and-conquer game been run on you so long, you don't know which end is up...
    keep on salivating when they ring that bell, keep on snapping and barking at each other, keep on ignoring the ultimate causes of many of the world's problems...

    poster is richtig: point fingers at your fellow 99%'ers all you want (for *their* icky morals... what? my morals ? why, above reproach, of course!), but ignore the 1% who are making this planet a living hell, who ACTUALLY have the power to enact systemic changes to benefit the 99%...
    (um, you do realize we *don't* have that power, don't you, dear kamper ? i don't care WHAT you blah blah blah is SUPPOSED to happen in this small-dee democracy, the RESULT IS: the 1% get their way, and the 99% have to pay...)

    yeah, i won't risk my bread crumbs from Empire to traduce the 1%; but i *can* righteously shame some fellow poor schmuck 99%'er somewhere, for something (likely inconsequential in the overall scheme of things), and feel like a real hero for making them out to be an incarnation of hitlerian proportions (and -just coincidentally- i am a fucking saint compared to *that* POS ! ! ! funny how that works...)

    'cause they said something -you know- 'bad'...
    or bit a poptart in the shape of a gun...
    or let their kids walk home from school...
    or sold raw milk at a farmer's market...
    or any of a million inhumane horror stories promulgated by a police state...

    there are several mechanisms which would serve to make for a true representative democracy:
    1. trustworthy elections (we have none with computer-based systems as presently constituted with proprietary code)
    2. instant runoff/ranked choice voting process; if you don't know/understand the concept, the bottom line is it allows third party/etc candidates you WANT to vote for, have a chance WITHOUT being a so-called 'spoiler'...
    3. reversal of the INSANE legal concepts which accord FICTITIOUS LEGAL ENTITIES we lovingly call korporations have SUPERIOR rights to REAL PEOPLE...
    4. reversal of the INSANE moral concepts which accord worshipful status to money/profit/riches accruing to -literally- A FEW individuals, over the greatest good for the greatest number...
    5. reversal of the rule of men, and reinstate the rule of law...
    so-o-o-o-o, as you can see, we are stuck, because any one of these prescriptions, nevermind all of them, imply the dismantling of Empire, and that ain't happening...
    welcome to your dystopia, mr winston...

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