Techdirt Podcast Episode 93: Pardon Snowden

from the sooner-rather-than-later dept

Edward Snowden deserves a pardon. We all know it — even if you believe he deserves to stand trial, the only option right now is an unfair trial on Espionage Act charges in which he'd be blocked from presenting a meaningful defense. A pardon from those charges is the only just choice. This week, we're joined by Trevor Timm, co-founder of the Freedom Of The Press Foundation, and returning guest Parker Higgins to discuss why Edward Snowden deserves a pardon, and the campaign to get him one deserves your support.

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  1. icon
    Whatever (profile), 5 Oct 2016 @ 3:05am

    Re: Re: Re: He might as well face it

    Mike, the number of documents involved isn't hundreds or thousands, it's potentially more than a million. That isn't a narrow, focused piece of whistleblowing, that is data dumping the whole damn program and letting his selected media friends ransack through it looking for juicy tidbits.

    That is way to wide of a scope to be just pointing out a problem, it was intended to f-ck up multiple programs and really screw the US solidly, and for an extended period of time.

    "So, why do you feel the need to always lie here? It's kinda pathetic."

    So why is your answer to anyone willing to point out the obvious always a put down or an insult rather than a discussion? I think a million plus documents qualify as a data dump. You may not. Just because we don't agree doesn't make my point a lie, but your saying so clearly looks like you are being defensive.

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