Techdirt Podcast Episode 89: Inside A Really Good Kickstarter Campaign

from the kickass-kickstarter dept

Not all Kickstarter campaigns are created equal. Even the mostly-good ones that eventually satisfy their backers are often plagued with delays and poor communication. But once in a while, there's a campaign that runs smoothly, communicates openly, and delivers a great product on time as promised — and Minaal is one company that pulled off such a campaign to launch its line of travel bags. This week, we're joined by co-founder Jimmy Hayes to discuss how they pulled it off and what their experience can teach us about other campaigns and the broader crowdfunding ecosystem.

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    Anonymous Coward, 6 Sep 2016 @ 3:33pm

    How about a podcast about the crowdfunding failures, sellouts, ripoff artists, and just plain unworkable goals, like that multi-million dollar donation black hole known as Solar Roadways?

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  • icon
    CrushU (profile), 12 Sep 2016 @ 12:18pm

    Production Issues

    I'm curious, was production lined up before the Kickstarter was launched?

    The main problem I see with things that I back is production issues; Things like the box they'd planned to use turns out to not be large enough or sturdy enough... Or a test run coming back wrong and needing to be fixed...

    So for these bags, you said you had the prototype, and you got it through the normal production line that you'd use for the successful campaign? Or did you prototype it youselves?

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