Techdirt Podcast Episode 80: Can Direct Democracy Work?

from the good-vote-bad-vote dept

Technology has made "direct democracy" — letting citizens vote on specific, granular issues instead of just electing representatives — more viable than ever, but does that mean it's a good idea? This week, we discuss the ins and outs of direct democracy, including a special addendum on the surprising results of the Brexit referendum.

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  1. identicon
    Evan Ravitz, 6 Jul 2016 @ 7:19am

    24 States already have direct democracy and it works pretty well

    You covered theory, but missed that 24 states have had direct democracy for a century, using ballot initiatives. That is how everything from women's suffrage to Sunshine laws to minimum wages to renewable energy mandates to medical and legal marijuana got started!

    Ballot initiatives are initiated by voters, so WE get to set the agenda. Referendums are referred by legislatures to voters. It's fair to say that the Brexit vote was an overreaction caused by the inability of the *citizens* of the European Union to set the agenda, with corporations in charge thru "Representatives."

    This is an example of what 4-term New York Governor Al Smith said: "If there's a problem with democracy, the solution is more democracy." European voters need to set the agenda with ballot initiatives like voters in 24 US states.

    Commenters are correct that internet is not secure for voting -because ballots are anonymous, unlike credit card or other financial transactions. While Flux, Liquid Voting, etc are very convenient, they are not necessary.

    I've beenorking formore and better direct democracy for 27 years, including directly with Senator Mike Gravel. Here's my latest article: top-of-our-agenda

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