UK Parliament Ignores Concerns; Moves Snooper's Charter Forward

from the sad dept

This isn't necessarily a huge surprise, but the UK's House of Commons overwhelmingly voted in support of the Snooper's Charter, officially known as the Investigatory Powers Bill. As we've discussed, this is a dangerous bill that will give the UK government significantly more surveillance powers (or, in many cases, will "authorize" things that the UK government has already been doing on dubious legal authority), with little to no real oversight. And despite people being upset about it, it still was approved by a vote of 444 to 69. And, yes, the current version of the bill still asks for backdoors to encryption, but leaves a vague exemption if a company claims that it would not be feasible or would be too expensive. That's better than the alternative, but it's still a step in the wrong direction. The bill still needs to be considered by the House of Lords, but it's disappointing that the House of Commons seemed so willing to cave to demands for more surveillance powers.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 9 Jun 2016 @ 5:01am

    this is turning the UK into a mockery! it has always been the most strong advocate for freedom, privacy and democracy, condemning countries that did any different, particularly countries like China and N.Korea. now, it has become even worse than those countries! it has thrown all beliefs under the bus and, in my opinion, it is doing so simply because the USA has more or less had to stop doing the same thing (or at least says it has stopped!). the UK is so far up the USA ass, the shiny bit is showing at the top and i have to wonder what the real reason(s) is. i wouldn't mind guessing that there was a lot of money thrown into the UK general election by certain industries because the UK is not only taking over from the USA in surveillance of it's citizens, it's taken over concerning copyright infringement with the most harsh and ridiculous prison sentences for copying a music disk! there is no other country on the planet taking such drastic measures as the UK and dont forget, after bringing in a law that was much better suited for the digital age, it lasted about 3 weeks before it was rescinded due to a challenge in the courts by the music industry. that whole thing was nothing but a charade, with the government making it appear to have joined the digital age, when in fact there was no intention of doing so at all! what it is doing is screwing it's citizens at every opportunity, and mainly to suit what the USA has more or less been stopped from doing itself, then handing the surveillance findings to the USA government and the copyright issues over to the industry which is backed totally by Hollywood, the RIAA and the MPAA!! and all because a father copied a disk for his daughter!!

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