Reporter Makes FOIA Request For Obama's Game Of Thrones Screeners

from the yeah,-that's-not-going-to-work dept

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are a popular topic here on Techdirt. We've discussed how important FOIA rules are... and how the government seems to go out of its way to try to ignore both the letter and spirit of the law. Because that's just how secretive governments act. However, it's certainly true that some FOIA requests are a little more ridiculous than others. Take, for example, Refinery29 reporter Vanessa Golembewski's amusing decision to file a FOIA request for Game of Thrones Screeners after finding out that the producers have been sending advance screeners to President Obama. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss admitted in an interview that they sent the screeners:
“I think, for both of us, finding out the President wanted advanced copies of the episodes was an ‘ah-ha’ moment,” Weiss said. “That was a very strange moment.”

And did they say yes?

“Yes,” Weiss replied. “He’s the leader of the free world.”

Benioff added: “When the commander-in-chief says, ‘I want to see advanced episodes,’ what are you gonna do?”
So Golembewski decided that if the President had them, she could (and should!) FOIA them:
I decided this was a perfect opportunity to test the limits of the Freedom Of Information Act. If the president — and by extension, our government — is in possession of a file, surely that file is subject to my request to see it as a U.S. citizen.
Golembewski is pretty upfront in recognizing the chances of this actually working are slim to none, but still decided to go through with the process. Of course, it's going to get rejected. In fact, we've seen similar requests in the past. Back in 2013, we wrote about a (more legit) attempt to FOIA the backing track to Beyonce's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the inauguration. The composition was in the public domain, and the performance, recorded by the Marine Corps. Band, should also be public domain, as it's a work of the federal government, which is not subject to copyright.

And, indeed, the government did provide the music in question, but also warned that some of the other songs that were sent may have other copyright issues. More importantly, the government flat out rejected the request for any Beyonce related music, noting that the copyright was held by her, and not the government: "Please note that Ms. Beyonce Knowles-Carter's vocals/music do not belong to the Marine Corps. Therefore, you will have to send your request directly to Ms. Knowles-Carter's attorney..." Though, they did helpfully provide that attorney's name and contact info. I imagine that Golembewski may receive a similar note, since the President does not also get the copyright in those screeners.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 22 Apr 2016 @ 10:48am

    “When the commander-in-chief says, ‘I want to see advanced episodes,’ what are you gonna do?”

    Say no??? Because you're supposed to be an artist??? And you should know better than to fetishize 'power' and to deny the millions of fans who actually support your work the same privilege as a government boob???

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