After Backlash, Amazon Promises To Bring Back Encryption On Fire OS

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Just to close the loop on this one: just after the firestorm last week when Amazon was called out for removing device encryption from Fire OS 5 (at the very same time as its CTO was saying encryption is "mandatory" and the company signed on to a brief supporting Apple in the encryption fight, the company has admitted that it will restore encryption to Fire OS 5 "sometime in the spring."

The company had insisted that no one was really using it -- and some suggested that there may have been performance issues when encryption was turned on. But, even if that's the case, it still makes little sense to have yanked the feature entirely. For the small number of people who were using it, it was clearly an important feature. And, given all of this, it's no surprise Amazon is bringing it back. It still doesn't quite explain why they removed it in the first place, but it's good to see that this got settled in the proper way in the end.

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    Monday (profile), 8 Mar 2016 @ 1:59pm

    My opinions...

    I, personally, have zero problems with Amazon. I consider them a 'good' company, with some well defined support and good employees/representatives - the ones I have encountered anyways - whom are generally interested in a customer's well-being and peace of mind.

    I have had a couple problems in the past with Amazon, and they were more than willing to work with me to get the issues I had resolved. It's a great model, if it's actually being told to representatives... although that would be an amazing feat to get so many employees reading from the same book, let alone on the same page.

    If even an hundred people voiced complaints; demanded refunds, because Amazon had broken an agreement, it is my belief that Amazon would want to fix this.

    As for bringing FIRE OS back, "with a new backdoor", I seriously doubt that. That is a first year Conspiracy Theory influenced by what is happening with APPLE, and all the comments, opprobrium, and County District Attorney fabrications. It could very well be that the performance issue, while encryption was turned on, is the case, but, and you are right Masnick, I agree it was an overreaction; quite possibly a small test, for the reactions from the customer and the company's possible response to their own encryption issues - they needed to find out just how many people were/are paying attention to the encryption debate.

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