Senator Mitch McConnell To Obama: Please, Just Tell Us What Law You Need To Ban Encryption And You'll Get It

from the begging-to-undermine-american-security dept

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has always been a friend of the intelligence community, but he's using the attack in San Bernadino to ramp up the anti-encryption insanity to new levels, practically begging President Obama to tell him what law he wants to ban encryption, and McConnell will help make sure Congress delivers. McConnell's statement was laying out what he thought President Obama should do in response to ISIS, and includes this ridiculous line:
He should tell us what legal authorities he needs to defeat encrypted online communications, and what is needed to reestablish our capture, interrogation, and surveillance capabilities.
"Defeat encrypted online communications"? Is he crazy? We need encrypted online communications to better protect us, and yet McConnell is trying to undermine those communications. He's actively proposing to make us all less safe. And, of course, talking about "reestablishing" our "surveillance capabilities" is about giving the NSA more surveillance powers. McConnell was, of course, the key person who tried to block any attempt at rolling back the NSA's unconstitutional phone records collection program.

Now, we know that President Obama didn't go quite as far as McConnell asked, but he did still push for a more "voluntary" solution -- which may morph into Congress doing something if people don't speak out loudly about what an incredibly dumb idea this is.

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    PaulT (profile), 8 Dec 2015 @ 1:15am

    Re: So fed up

    A couple of thoughts:

    "OK, WTF is Jihadist Islam if not the big picture terror group."

    A small (compared to the overall Muslim population) extremist bunch of religious fundamentalists. But, not one that's particularly organised as a group within the US.

    "ban of all Muslims coming into the country, regardless of immigration or tourist. I actually agree with that part"

    Why. Are you actually scared that all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world are actually out to attack you? What about the diplomats, entrepreneurs, tourists and other Muslims who are benefiting your country? What about the millions of American citizens who are also Muslim? Do they get a pass because barring them would clearly violate the constitution, or is there some other logic for ensuring them free passage while blocking others?

    Also, how do you determine who is and isn't a Muslim, since religious affiliation isn't on a passport or other official documentation. Are you just going to use racial profiling (so ignoring black and Caucasian Muslims but negatively affecting Christian and non-religious Arabs), or do you honestly think that someone determined to attack you is incapable of lying about their religion in order to get through customs?

    "Yet in the techdirt article I am leaving this comment in, is politicians just doing their normal knee jerk... well bring on Trump."

    You don't see Trump's rhetoric as being knee-jerk responses to what's happening? Really? None of it seems particularly thought through. Hell, half of it has been a reaction to what happened in Paris, even though most of the people involved in those attacks were not immigrants.

    "I say let them pass the gun sales into law right away"

    Practically, you'd have to fix the no-fly list first. It's already proven pretty useless for accurately screening people already, although it has caused no end of pain for many innocent people. You should call for fixing that, before calling for it be used to remove further rights without due process.

    "So no more reading the news for me for a few days, weeding through the bullshit is tiring."

    Yet, you seem to be favouring one of the biggest bullshit artists of them all. Weird.

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