Chelsea Manning Threatened With Indefinite Solitary Confinement For Expired Toothpaste & Having A Copy Of Vanity Fair

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The way the US treats prisoners is often barbaric. The UN has repeatedly highlighted how solitary confinement is a form of torture that should be stopped, but the US regularly uses it on its massive prison population (largest prison population in the world! Go USA!). And even if you don't think it's torture, you should at least recognize that people are thrown in solitary confinement for ridiculous reasons -- such as looking at Facebook. Or, apparently, having expired toothpaste in your cell.

It appears that Chelsea Manning is now facing indefinite solitary confinment for a short list of "infractions" which include having expired toothpaste ("medicine misuse") and having a copy of the Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair, along with some other magazines ("prohibited property"). The other two charges may seem slightly less crazy, but not when you look at the details. They are for "disrespect" and "disorderly conduct," but the "disorderly conduct" was for apparently sweeping some food on the floor during a dinner, and the "disorderly conduct" was for asking for a lawyer when Manning was being yelled at over the food incident.
There's a hearing about this on August 18th, and Fight for the Future has set up a petition about this to call more attention to the way Manning has been treated. As the petition says, it's clear that Manning is being "singled out and punished for speaking out." Even if you don't think Manning's actions in leaking State Department cables was just, hopefully you can recognize that indefinite solitary confinement over such minor charges is ridiculous.

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  1. identicon
    GEMont, 16 Aug 2015 @ 6:35pm

    RANT WARNING: The Oldest Trick in the Book

    When the Self Appointed Gods Speak, it is necessary that the Subjects beneath them, believe they are infallible.

    Miss Manning has proven herself to be far more than the buck private the government assumed it could simply bully into a mental breakdown and a full confession of every un-solved crime since 1784.

    In order to insure "fascist justice" - that is, justice that fulfills the needs of the Rich Rulers and supports the claims of the Rich Rulers, and which can never possibly exonerate anyone accused by the Rich Rulers - it is always necessary for the Rich Rulers to stack the deck in the favor of the Rich Rulers.

    Its pretty much Rule Number one of the Fascist Handbook.

    This is why their first order of business is the altering of the laws to give their machinations legal backing.

    The general public will mostly never know that the deck was stacked and will only be aware of the final verdict of guilt, and perhaps, some of the charges which the victim was accused of.

    The General Public will see the verdict, through its controlled media, as fulfilled justice, as always, and go happily back to work in the factories and businesses of their Rulers.

    The Facade that protects Fascism is all important, for while the fascists seldom really care what the public might think, as long as what the fascist do is covered by law, it needs desperately to maintain its absolute control of the peasants it has armed in the military forces it has adopted, just in case the civilian public should catch on and comprehend the whole plot - as unlikely as that might be, it can happen.

    While it is easy to push the majority of the public in almost any direction desired through simple false information disseminated through the state-controlled media, losing control of the military means a quick and bloody end to the coup and no more cocaine, bimbos and yachts for the fascists or their rich "collaborators" from among the conquered population, that supports the occupying forces for fun and profit.

    As long as the Rich Rulers own the minds of the military, they can use it to quell any kind of civilian dissent.

    In every conquest and occupation, there are always collaborators - civilian members of the conquered nation who join forces with the invaders and support their new regime.

    These collaborators are ALWAYS among the conquered nation's wealthiest members and could care less about their fellow countrymen's fate as long as the money keeps rolling in.

    In the United States today, the nation's wealthiest members are both the invading inner-circle conquerors and the civilian outer-circle collaborators.

    Normal invaders bring their own army.

    Fascist simply take control of the standing army of the nation they invade, by pretending to be the government that pays their wages.

    But in truth, they are simply a gang of extremely wealthy and corrupt businessmen, running the oldest and most lucrative business model on earth next to religion.


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