YouTube Silences Six Hours Of DARPA Robotics Finals... Because Of One Song Briefly In The Background

from the fun-with-contentid dept

As you may have heard, DARPA, the wonderful government agency folks who helped bring us the precursors to the internet and self-driving cars, held a giant robotics competition this weekend, known as the DARPA Robotic Challenge, or DRC. It was full of amazing robots -- though everyone seems focused on the ones that fell over, despite the amazing advancements in robotics that were on display.

One bit of "robotics," whose best work is not on display, is the robotic nature of YouTube's ContentID copyright censorship. If you go to check out the six hour YouTube video of the DRC Finals Workshop on YouTube you'll get to witness everything, but not hear a damn thing. Because, apparently, there was a copyright-covered song playing somewhere in the background, YouTube muted the whole damn thing:
So, yup, rather than learning about the latest advancements from our soon to be robotic overlords, we'll just silence everything so someone's copyright isn't infringed because it was playing quietly in the background at a daylong event.

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  1. identicon
    DigDug, 8 Jun 2015 @ 1:23pm

    Re: As if there's a topic worth mention: Boohoo! You attack copyright everyday!

    Hey there Terminator, you must be new here.

    Let me educate you on something.

    Piracy in the movie and music industry is the act of:
    Creating your own media with the content that those industries own, and then selling said content for profit.

    That is the ONLY definition of piracy with regards to these 2 industries.

    People who download or make available for download are the same people (and I'm positive you are one of these) who used to hit "Record" on their boom-boxes when a favorite song played on the radio, or hit record on the vcr when a movie you wanted to watch was on HBO.

    So, now that you've been educated, you can kindly keep quiet unless you wish to be known as an idiot instead of just uneducated.

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