Fast Track Bill Back On The... Fast Track After Senate Deal

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This isn't a huge surprise, but after getting rejected on Tuesday, Senators went back into deal-making mode. And, after passing a bill to crack down on currency manipulation, enough Senators who voted no earlier in the week now voted yes to move the fast track ("trade promotion authority") bill forward to a floor debate. That debate should happen next week, and apparently there will be some attempts to add some amendments to improve the fast track bill, though it's unclear if any of those have a legitimate chance of getting in. In short, chances are the fast track bill will pass the Senate next week, meaning that the real question is whether there are enough votes in the House.

The whole thing still seems quite bizarre. You have House and Senate Republicans (the party that regularly insists that it believes in the Constitution as originally written) voting to give up their Constitutional authority to oversee international commercial under the Commerce Clause, and hand it to a President in the opposing party. And, yes, this is the same President that Congressional Republicans are trying to block on almost every other move, and whom they often insist ignores Congressional powers under the Constitution to use powers not granted to the Executive branch under the Constitution. Why would they do that? And, at the same time, most in the President's own party are against doing this.

Again, while I know that many who are opposing the TPP and TTIP are just against trade deals in general, I am generally in favor of good free trade deals. It's just that the TPP is not that. It's barely even a "trade" deal at all. And thus, it's quite bizarre to see the politics of how this has all played out.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 14 May 2015 @ 6:55pm

    There is nothing "bizarre" about this at all

    The political spectrum is not left to right as we've been led to believe. At least not on anything concerning money or power. The only differences the political left and right concern themselves with are wedge issues (e.g., race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and class - but only ever middle/upper-middle class vs. poor - and never the 99% vs. the 1%). In this way they seek to divide us among ourselves.

    The political spectrum is actually top to bottom. This is especially true in the Senate. No wonder they have the deciding vote over the House where the People have at least a modicum of actual representation.

    The plutocrats (i.e., the 1% of the 1%) and their entourage (i.e., the 1%) are at the top of the political spectrum and the rest of us make up the other side of the political spectrum (i.e., the 99% below). This is why we see them so aligned on some issues and not on others.

    Why do they so badly want the TPP if it has little to do with trade? How about this whopper, the TPP gives corporations sovereignty! This gives them the power to sue countries for cutting into perceived future profits just because those countries might try something so bold as to defend the public good from corporate greed. This is insanity for the 99%, but makes perfect sense for the plutocratic interests. And this is why we are seeing the reach across the aisle.

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