YODA Back, It Is: Law To Let You Actually Own Your Devices Even When Copyright Gets In The Way

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Last year, we wrote about Rep. Blake Farenthold introducing a small, but important piece of copyright legislation, the You Own Devices Act (YODA), which just says that if you buy some piece of computerized equipment, you can sell it with any included software, without having to get permission from the software provider. As we noted, the reality is that this is just making it clear that the first sale doctrine applies to computer equipment too -- which shouldn't need a new law, but some tech companies (especially in the networking space) feel otherwise.

Farenthold has now reintroduced YODA, this time with Rep. Jared Polis as a sponsor as well (giving the bill that necessary "bi-partisan" shine). It's unfortunate that these kinds of bills are even necessary, but such is the state of copyright laws today, that they often mean the devices you buy, you don't even really own.

Also, kudos to Farenthold for playing on the YODA name in his tweet announcing the new version of the bill:

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 13 Feb 2015 @ 3:22am

    time about, this is!

    i cannot believe it has taken so long to get back in the offing. even worse, i cannot believe it was needed in the first place! why the hell should anything you have purchased, not be yours? worse still, continue to be owned by and controlled by the section of the Entertainment Industry who not only sold it, but did whatever they possibly could to get people to buy it? and even more so if the original purchaser wanted to sell it? the world, thanks to American politicians stupidity, has made the whole world one big entertainment industries plaything!!

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