Thanks To Namecheap For Sponsoring Techdirt's Switch To SSL

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As some of you know, Techdirt recently completed the process of protecting all Techdirt traffic with full SSL encryption — something we believe every internet company should do. Part of this process involved seeking a sponsor to help us offset the money and time spent getting everything switched over, and today we're happy to announce that Namecheap has stepped up to that role.

We're very happy to work with Namecheap, as the company has established itself as a defender of user rights and an open and secure internet, sharing many of the same values that we espouse here at Techdirt. They were among the first domain registrars to speak up against SOPA, they contributed heavily to the matching funds in our Beacon campaign to raise money for net neutrality reporting, and they do frequent fundraising for groups like the EFF and Fight For The Future.

As part of our sponsorship deal, you'll notice a message from Namecheap at the top of Techdirt, and see a couple more posts highlighting work the company has done and the services it offers — including, Namecheap's SSL certificate shop. We're grateful to Namecheap for its support, which helps our small team keep turning out quality content while juggling important technical upgrades like this one. We hope our readers will take a moment to support Namecheap in return, and check out its services for your needs when it comes to domain names, hosting and security certificates.

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    NoahVail (profile), 24 Nov 2014 @ 5:06pm

    I'm here to shill for Namecheap

    Years ago, I registered domains with Namecheap based on recommendations from DSLR members. My experience couldn't have been better.

    Awesomeness #1 is their Nameservers update immediately. It's usually seconds between me updating A records and DNS servers all over getting the update. Which leads me to . . .

    Awesomeness #2 Namecheap has been accepting Dynamic Name updates from my pfSense boxes for years. That completely untethers me from any of the usual Dyn providers (that can be kind of clunky to use).

    The only not-great experience tied to Namecheap wasn't even their fault but they fixed the problem anyway.
    Shortly after I had made a purchase at Namecheap, the purchase guarantee provider used by my bank canceled the credit cards I used because Namecheap was an "Internet company", therefore must have been a target for fraudulent purchases - ala NewEgg.

    I sent Namecheap a headsup about the boneheads my bank used.
    Next month, Namecheap followed up that after 30 days of dialog w/ my bank, etc. - they got policy changed to make sure I wouldn't be inconvenienced again.

    I can't name another company I use for anything that would go that far out of their way on my behalf.

    Why people still use a craphole like GoDaddy when in-every-way-superior Namecheap is available just baffles me.

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