Thank You For Supporting Our Net Neutrality Reporting

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Just a couple hours left to
support our net neutrality coverage »

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a massive thank you to each and every one of you who helped us reach our goal in our crowdfunding campaign for our net neutrality reporting. Having spoken to people who have run crowdfunding campaigns in the past, they talk about how nerve-wracking it is, and that's absolutely true. Something you don't quite understand until you actually go and do it. We had no idea if people would be willing or able to contribute, but so many of you did -- and many others who couldn't afford to still helped out by sharing and spreading the word. That's amazing to me. If you haven't read former Congressional staffer Jen Hoelzer's explanation for how we can make a difference, please do so, because it really explains everything.

There are just a couple hours left in the campaign, and wherever we end up, this was an amazing and enlightening experience that has left me awed by the passion and support that many of you have shown over this issue and over the work that we do. Here at Techdirt, this process has really just begun. The net neutrality fight is heating up very rapidly, and we need to take the success of this campaign and turn it into something. Thank you for believing in us.

Just a couple hours left to
support our net neutrality coverage »

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    Groaker (profile), 1 Aug 2014 @ 11:38am

    All I did was throw few bucks, write a few letters, and make some calls. You guys are the ones who deserve the real thanks for the work you put in, and the danger that you endure.

    Might I suggest,that if possible, you have your next fund raiser straddle Dec/Jan when people are in a more giving mood. Becoming a 501-3c would probably not be hard,and provide lots of of advantages.

    Best wishes

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