MPAA Issues Overly Broad Takedown Of Little Used Reddit Film Community; Creates Much Bigger Reddit Film Community

from the do-they-have-any-streisand-movies-available? dept

Oh that wacky MPAA. Earlier this week, TorrentFreak noted that the MPAA issued a massively overbroad DMCA takedown to Google, asking it to remove an entire subreddit from its search results. The subreddit in question was r/FullLengthFilms, which really wasn't that popular.
It's not difficult to guess why the MPAA wanted this community gone, though it is a bit odd that the MPAA thinks that just because it finds one link to a potentially infringing movie that it thinks an entire subreddit should disappear down the search engine memory hole. If that's the criteria, a lot of the internet would go missing. Google didn't take it out of its search results, but the resulting publicity from the bogus takedown attempt... suddenly made r/FullLengthFilms a hell of a lot more popular.
One of the mods for the subreddit points out that he'd long considered it to be a dead subreddit, but now it was suddenly booming again. There are a bunch of new subscribers, plenty of new mods and a bunch of new films -- and, yes, many of them are perfectly legal and authorized. I wonder if there are any movies that star Barbra Streisand linked from the subreddit...

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