Guardian Installed SecureDrop Outside The UK, Due To Legal Threats

from the incredible dept

As part of the whole Reset the Net effort yesterday, the Guardian announced that it is now using SecureDrop to allow whistleblowers and sources to send them information in a protected manner. As you may recall, SecureDrop (nee DeadDrop) was Aaron Swartz's last project (built with Kevin Poulsen), which the good folks at the Freedom of the Press Foundation took over last fall. It's great to see The Guardian adopt SecureDrop, but what caught my eye was this tidbit:
The Guardian’s SecureDrop system is installed outside of the UK. Last year, the UK government was criticized by international press freedom organisations for applying pressure to the Guardian over its publication of the NSA documents leaked by Snowden, leading to the news organization relocating its reporting on the files to the USA, and destroying all copies of the documents stored in its UK headquarters.
In other words, the Guardian, a UK newspaper, is admitting that it simply doesn't feel safe locating its SecureDrop implementation inside the UK. For people who believe in press freedom in the UK, this is a pretty scary statement -- just the latest in the past few years that have really called into question the UK's support for a free and open press.

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  1. identicon
    Che', 14 Jan 2015 @ 7:45pm

    Damning evidence

    Hi, you’ll find ‘all’ the damning evidence against a police~farce and kangaroo~courts you need, from the world’s leading light on megalomaniacal~psychopaths. ‘Erol’ allowed himself to be arrested repeatedly to ‘expose’ the pedophile~ring~run ‘weapon’ of the genocidal free~masons.

    There obviously isn't enough police and they're simply there to serve and protect the evil, for their own jollies. Whilst they serve to 'emasculate' human men and keep all humans in mental~bondage, whilst we're being preyed~on from every angle, by the beasts they deliberately release, to keep themselves in doughnuts and clown shoes.

    Erol exposes them in his comedy videos and part 2 should be out in the coming days.

    His website exposes ‘the bigger picture’ about the 'unaccountable' hostile~dependent beasts, in their ‘binary’ clown~uniforms and wigs and capes and the 'whole‘ evil~agenda behind all the puppets', 'cerebral' and somatic ‘sex~offenders.’

    IF the public weren’t apathetic, groomed, duped and divided into narcissistic cells, the ‘S.imple O.bvious S.olution’ would be to ‘demand’ that all public~servants take a ‘live fMRI brain~scan’ and emotional~intelligence tests.

    You’d then ‘realise’ that 9 out of every 10 of those on publicly~funded perches are ‘mental~quadriplegics’ who prey~on the public for sexual~pleasure; as they’re ‘cerebral’ sex~offenders, whilst the police~farce tend to be more ‘somatic.’

    Erol’s latest wordpress article, helps humans ‘heal’ who’ve been targeted by the rabid, historically~outcast ‘psychological~abusers,’ who's primitive~brain's dominant genes have resurfaced in times were they're promoted to do the work of the devil, at all costs. is-for-a-few-seconds-before-the-hair-brained-hell-bound-panting-beasts-become-desperate-to-dramatise -whatever-they-delude-themselves-is/


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