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Math is simultaneously illusory and real. On the one hand, it's a set of arbitrary symbols and chosen rules that can be modified and manipulated as we see fit, since it's just a human invention; on the other hand, the patterns it identifies and describes have intrinsic reality and significance. The same could almost be said about the concept of the human mind — so where the two intersect, there are fascinating things to be learned:

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    John Fenderson (profile), 6 Jun 2014 @ 9:13am

    Re: Re: that involve such minor niceties as mathematical chaos

    But the special bit about chaos is that although it's mathematical and is also a form of order (chaos is not randomness), it's also not computable except at a very high level.

    Personally, I suspect that consciousness can be elicited from sufficiently complex computation devices. However, there are two problems with this hypothesis: it may not be testable (how do we know if anything outside ourselves is conscious or not?) and the consciousness will certainly not be similar to human consciousness (which is what most people are really talking about in these sorts of discussions). In fact, to tie that bit to the testability problem -- such a consciousness may be so alien to us that we'd never even notice it.

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