Shamed By Google's Email Security Transparency Report, Comcast Is Rushing To Better Encrypt Emails

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Well, that was quick. Yesterday Google announced its new email security/encryption transparency report, which revealed that Comcast and Verizon were primary offenders, in not using TLS to encrypt emails, making them much more vulnerable to surveillance. And, in less than 24 hours, Comcast quickly said that it is rushing to roll out TLS, with a company spokesperson saying it will be out there "within a matter of weeks" and that the company is being "very aggressive about this." That's good to see. Once again, greater transparency leads to greater protection.

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    DaveHowe (profile), 5 Jun 2014 @ 3:35am


    Problem is, TLS is largely opportunistic; in the past, when I needed to force a connection to NOT be secure, I have simply hidden the STARTTLS offer in the EHLO response (literally rewrote that packet to read STARTTTT) and the link proceeded without attempting a secure handshake.

    In cases where TLS *is* begun, actually checking the poffered certificate is the exception, not the rule - some will actually check expiry or domain name match, almost none will verify the CA chain (so a self-signed is fine) - again, this makes interception easy.

    Adding this step does help - it means that attackers need to perform an active attack replacing some or all of the traffic, rather than passively recording - but it isn't much more than a speed bump against a determined attacker with ISP router access.

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