How White House's 'No Commenting' On Media Leaks Policy Makes Life Difficult For Professors

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Last week, we wrote about the Obama administration's bizarre decision to ban any current or former intelligence community officials from even discussing media reports of leaked documents. The whole thing, coming from James Clapper, seemed bizarre (and likely unconstitutional). It's also just stupid. Denying people the ability to talk about information that is publicly being discussed serves no good purpose. And the impact is being felt in a variety of places. Famed crypto expert Matt Blaze is talking about how he's now in a tough spot, because if he assigns students to read content concerning media leaks, he puts intelligence community students in an "untenable position." And that's ridiculous. Denying the students the ability to even discuss very relevant, timely information that everyone else is discussing seems like a dangerous restriction -- especially on people who you should want to be involved in those discussions.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Anonymous Coward, 12 May 2014 @ 5:13pm

    Re: Re:

    Apparently you are unfamiliar with the concept of continuing education. Many profession require it. Other professions, it is just as important to keep up with the changing climate in that profession, but not required.

    I had an uncle who was a senior partner in one of the big eight accounting firms (when there was such a thing) who went to school for 3 months every year, and that was just to keep up with the tax code.

    Cryptography would be another area that undergoes a tremendous amount of change, and to be top notch, one has to go back to school and learn the new stuff.

    I agree that not being able to discuss timely stuff is really sad. The irony has not struck the President fully yet. Since he does not listen to the public, he won't hear it either.

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