Find Two Hours To Watch Glenn Greenwald Debate Michael Hayden

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If you have (a little less than) 2 hours this weekend, find a way to sit down and watch the mother of all debates about the NSA surveillance program, in which former CIA and NSA boss Michael Hayden and reporter Glenn Greenwald debate each other. Hayden had (in)famous law professor Alan Dershowitz on his side, and Greenwald had Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian on his side, and they both had their interesting moments, but this debate was all about Greenwald v. Hayden and they did not disappoint. Greenwald knocked it out of the park. Hayden came off as condescending and evasive, while Greenwald had facts readily at hand. Hayden said he wanted to debate on the actual facts, and Greenwald brought a bunch, which Hayden didn't respond to. Dershowitz kept insisting that it was all okay because the people at the NSA had proper motives (I don't recall where in the 4th Amendment there's an exception for motives). Meanwhile, Ohanian highlighted how the NSA is actually making us all less secure and massively harming the economy. The video of the debate is below, but you have to skip ahead to 29 minutes.
It might not surprise folks to find that I found Greenwald convincing, but I was not the only one:

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 3 May 2014 @ 2:32pm

    Re: Re:

    Snowden had exactly the same issue with the TED talk. Interview, really.

    Too much important stuff to say and the questions asked were lightweight and easy to imply ... "well duh" in his own head, sorta ignore it and continue on talking about the important stuff but forgetting to transition back on point or to tie it in.

    Greenwald is a seasoned reporter and speaker with knowledge of the transitions needed to join, ignore then return to point, tie in multiple themes to a story etc...

    I still haven't watched it yet. I will now. Ordered my pizza. I do know what you mean though. Being right is SEEMINGLY lost by the way the message is transmitted.

    Honestly though. I think people are socially smarter than we think. Won't ignore him because it wasn't delivered in a satisfactory way. You notice things like "person answers the wrong question" but the answer given still sinks in so long as it's not completely stupid or avoidance.

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