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Cinemark Tosses Elderly Woman Out Of Theater, Claiming She Was Filming A Movie With Her Phone

from the punchline:-she-wasn't dept

The MPAA has been pushing its strict take all prisoners approach to force movie theaters into pissing off nearly all movie goers by wildly accusing anyone with a mobile phone of destroying the entire US economy. Or something like that. We've already seen theaters call in Homeland Security when a guy so much as dared to wear his Google Glass during a movie. And now, the latest story of MPAA-driven excess, as revealed by TorrentFreak, involves Cinemark ejecting an elderly woman because she had an old "brick, slider-type" mobile phone, which her husband handed to her as he had to leave. There is also a theory that someone else in the theater saw her theater-provided closed captioning device and assumed that it was a recording device. Either way, the lady (who is not a fluent English speaker, and had trouble understanding the commotion) was ejected from the theater, even though theater employees realized she was not recording the movie.

Phew! Another pirate stymied!

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    PaulT (profile), 2 May 2014 @ 3:45am

    Re: Here is an idea...

    "Don't pull out a device that disrupts people during a movie and you might not have management called on you."

    Don't pull out the device that the theatre provided to you for the purposes of using it during the screening, else management will be called and you'll be ejected? I bet this makes some sense in your mind, but nobody else's.

    I can see you're rejecting this particular aspect of the story because it's convenient to your argument, but what of the rest of the story? There's no indication that the phone was turned on, pointed at the screen or otherwise disrupting other patrons. just a paranoid brainwashed idiot assuming the worst, and nobody bothering to check the facts before assuming the woman was a pirate.

    The fool who called the cops on the woman and got her thrown out almost certainly caused more disruption to the screening than anyone using a phone could have done.

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